Fenris Punk | Spells

1 About

1.1 Gestures

If a spell requires a gesture, they must perform it to use the spell. Some gestures will vary depending on the body types or forms of the caster.

1.2 Critical Failures

When spells roll a critical failure (typically rolling a 1 from d20 before adding modifiers), they automatically suffer xd4 hit points for x the level of the spell. Some cyberware changes the critical failure number (often changing it to a 2).

2 Spells

2.1 Mage Hand

2.2 Fire Bolt

2.3 Seeker Bolts

2.4 Invisibility

2.5 Fire Blaster

2.6 Confusion

2.7 PlumberBlood

User touches the target, changing the iron in their blood to lead. The target must CON save 10 at the beginning of each turn in combat, or every hour outside of combat, otherwise they take a level of sickness.

3 See also

See the MagicSpells table.