Fenris Punk |

1 MagicSpells


Level Name Range Radius Description
0 PartyTricks 6 Cast spells such as guessing the card someone put into a deck.
0 MinorKinesis 6 Use minor telekinesis to move an object no more 6kg up to 6 distance, not farther than 6 away from the caster. Cannot directly cause damage.
0 Torchlight 0 6 Cast some light in the dark.
1 Blaster 24 User gestures shooting a firearm for xd4, for up to level x.
1 DoctorHealth 0 User touches their patient. The patient can use x HealthDice of their choice to recover, for up to level x.
1 SmokeBomb 2 6 User gestures throwing something on the ground to instantly create a smoke or fog for Disadvantage on anyone trying an Attempt against something inside the radius.
6 PlumberBlood 0 User touches the target, changing the iron in their blood to lead.