Fenris Punk | Weapons

1 Explosives

1.1 Daifin Exploder Tactical Vest Ver 8.2.32

  1. Synchronize Random number generator through USB connection BEFORE deploying Vest.
  2. Verify Random number generator handheld unit matches controller on vest before closing access port.
    • It is very important to verify Step #2, once the access port is closed and unit is activated, there is no way to sync, or match, the handheld remote to the controller.
  3. There are no wireless connections whatsoever and no wired connections to the controller once closed.
  4. In order to deactivate the device, enter the correct code from the handheld remote to the USB Controller.
  5. The Handheld remote and USB Controller rotate codes every 45 seconds.
    • Both clock are accurate to with 15 millisec per hour. Sync a minimum once every 14 days as the unit may be 1 second apart by this point.
  6. Once correct code is entered, the options are: disarm, reset the timer, change the duration of the timer, Immediately detonate, timer detonate.
  7. After three incorrect code entries, the device detonates immediately.
    • To prevent erroneous entries, use the "lock controller input" function.
  8. As with the previous models, this is tamper proof.
    • if any sections of the unit are disconnected, the device detonates immediately.
  9. if the primary or secondary Power Supplies are disconnected or fail, the device detonates immediately after a 2 minute warning.
  10. If the suspect somehow slips out of the device, it will detonate before the suspect can get out of range.
  11. The access panel can only be accessed with the unit disarmed, laid flat, inside up. Accessing it any other way will cause immediate detonation.
  12. IMPORTANT - only deploy on suspects that will be still be alive at point of destination. The unit cannot distinguish between someone who has died and someone who escaped.