Fenris Punk | Tools

1 About

These tools have become very popular in the futureā€¦

A mobile device used for computing and as a telephone. These devices distinguish themselves from and replaced "smart phone" technology in the mid 2020s thanks to their ability to completely replace the laptop and desktop PC. Tough some folks still have docking stations that look like a laptop, most folks simply use AR to interact with their comlink without the need for an clunky display monitor.

1.2 Holographic Emitters

Typically used for adding a window with a view to a basement wall or a water fountain to an office lobby. The higher the rating the greater the purchase price. Most commercial models have restrictions mainly for proprietary or governmental regulations, usually against impersonating people, including the owner of the product.

1.3 Medkits

Paramedics in the urban sprawl and backpackers of the PTC love medkits. These lunchbox-sized packs contain a semi-automated system for repairing physical damage and reducing pain. Significantly more expensive models come coupled with a drone for completely automatic use.

1.4 Subvocals

Subvocal-recorders and microphones, or SVRs, a widely used device for conducting secret or private conversations in public, often in the form of a discreet earpiece.

1.5 Virtual Reality

Usually simply referred to as VR, this family of includes several related, but different technologies. VR gets its name from the classic, stereoscopic virtual reality headsets. Another branch of this family, augmented reality or AR, works by projecting or overlaying graphics on a personal display, often holographic, but AR usually does not refer to holographic emitters. The last most common family of VR, immersed reality, sometimes known as IR, actually interacts with the nervous system itself.

2 Common

A popular, non-proprietary device used equally by security contractors, criminals, and rights activists.

3 Rare

3.1 TODO Daifin M-Paper

It seems like regular paper, but at the nano-level it contains a technomagical medium that allows a skilled user to write MageCode to store spells, often for repeated use.

Invented and released originally in 2064. After its commercial release its Scarcity changes to Common.

3.2 TODO Garra Special Cigar

3.3 TODO Garra Special Can of Diet Cola

It looks like a typical can of fizzy beverageā€¦

3.4 TODO Garra Special Can of Doctor Prunier

It looks like a typical can of fizzy beverage, but it actually will open up a door with a local flash heat bubble. Typical fuse of 5 seconds.

3.5 TODO Garra Special Jack Fruit Gum

It looks like a typical pack of gum, but after exposure to moisture, typically by chewing, 6 seconds later it will melt through small objects, such as door locks.

3.6 TODO Personal Holographic Emitter

3.7 PhS Type-11 Medkit

Carries up to 6 charges. Standard charges heal 2d4+2.

4 Legendary

4.1 TODO Daifin Stealth Suit

A personal cloaking suit based on holographic technology.