Fenris Punk | Drones

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Drones usually refers to a type of physical, robotic machine that can travel somewhere to perform a task. An artificial intelligence can use a drone as a host, at which point they become similar in qualities to an android. Some mechs or vehicles in general can also operate as drones.

Drones, especially commercial and military models, typically use informal kitchen analogies. Some drones have the size of a mug of coffee, others a microwave oven.

2 Common Models

2.1 TODO Daifin Order-Up

The most restaurants use the Order-Up as servers. Most have as many features as a comlink.

Stat Rating
Release Date 2059-10-31
Manufacturer Daifin
HP 5
AC 10
Speed 10
Price 500
Size Microwave
Genre Hover
Market Commercial

2.2 PJXT8 Surveyor Aero-Drone

The PJ has enhanced telescopic vision with thermo and nightvision. It can sustain 60 minutes constant flying at a time, at which point it can run on reserve power to make short hops with a speed of 3 for another 6 hours. It recharges using solar coated chasis paint which takes 8 hours. Some models also can swap out their power cells with the help of their operator. It has an arm with a gripping claw, designed to deploy or load materials from its interal cargo. They can carry most mug drones. It can carry approximately 10 kg (22 lbs) internally.

Stat Rating
Release Date 2045-10-31
Manufacturer Askn
HP 20
AC 12
Speed 12
Price 12000
Size Microwave
Genre Quadcopter
Market Commercial

2.3 Gensys GIOOTW

The GIOOTW was released in several iterations during the rescue operations following the 2035 earthquake. Rescuers informally called it the Get-It-Out-Of-The-Way. Designed for removing downed trees or rubble. Users can place them or it rolls to its destination. It also has the ability to scale or hang from surfaces using a patented electrostatic adhesive. Scaling and hanging require an Attempt.

Stat Rating
Release Date 2035-06-11
Manufacturer Askn
HP 10
AC 8
Speed 7
Price 1000
Size Mug
Genre Spiderball
Market Commercial

2.4 TODO Aramko M22 Mech

A civilian mech model, typically used for heavy lifting, construction, and waste removal.


A maintenance worker, typically used to patrol areas during nightshifts and remove rubbish.

Stat Rating
Release Date
HP 10
AC 10
Speed 10
Price 200
Size Microwave
Genre Quadcopter
Market Commercial

2.6 TODO Daifin Type F34

A sniper unit, typically used by military and security forces. Widely illegal for use when hunting.

3 Rare Models

3.1 TODO Garra Special Mining Drone

3.1.1 Mining Drone

One in stock. Price varies depending on the interaction. HP 10 1d10 drill melee 10 mining charges

3.1.2 Mining Charges

Large stock 300 credits 3d12 5x15, 4-6 15x15

3.2 TODO T89A1 Daifin Boeing Gunship

This gunship has three sections, each with heavy machine guns. Each section has its own stats and gets one Action per turn as well as the entire gunship movement. It can operate either by a pilot or autonomously.

3.2.1 Hull

AC 15 HP 50 Resistance against ballist attacks Heavy machine gun DC +1 1d12

3.2.2 Port and Starboard Rotor (each)

AC 15 HP 50 Heavy machine gun DC +2 2d12

3.3 TODO Trusted Security XT-7

A bipedal drones for use on riots, euphamistically called "crowd exhaustion" models. They typically carry one charge of area-of-effect exhaustion pulses, once per minute, CON DC 10 or single target CON DC 15. They also have anti-viral detox mods. Daifin acquired Trusted Security in 2058.