Fenris Punk |

1 RandomEvents

Type Name Details Effect
Mishap What about…? An apple hits you in the head. Loss of the most immediate bonus action this turn, or reaction before your next turn, whichever comes first.
Fortune Eureka! An apple hits you in the head. You gain a perception advantage for the current feat, if not the most immediate to follow.
Mishap Splash! You either fall or drop something you carry into the water. If over water, you get to choose whether you fall off or drop an item at random.
Mishap Creak… You made a noise when attempting to sneak. Adversaries re-roll to detect your presence.
Mishap Strike out. You swing your weapon, miss, and disengage a step. The most immediate opponent that can now gets an attack of opportunity.
Mishap Foul. You throw or cast the attack, but it hits one space to the right of the target. Re-roll the attack and then determine damage, even if not attacking an opponent.