Fenris Punk |

1 Attributes

Type Name Effect
Buff AnythingFits User can get anything to look like it fits, even body armour, even if it was made for a child, except for life support apparel such as scuba or spacesuits.
Buff AttacksUp User gets one more Attack per Action.
Buff BaseScoreUp User gets +1 to any BaseScore of their choice.
Buff Bonk Throw a non-leathal object at target to make them Incapacitated for 1 full round. Target must get CON Save 15 + thrower's talent modifier. Once per short rest.
Buff BurstActions For BurstActions(x), on your turn, you can take one additional action. Use x times per short rest.
Buff Cache A technological form of Mana. For Cache(x), while online, can cast any magic spell up to the levels of Technomancer, x times per short rest. But when offline can cast any of the last x used spells.
Buff Cover As a reaction, friendly characters adjacent to you get to add +2 AC.
Buff CyberWhat(1) Near field distruption within 2. Attackers with cyberware have disadvantage as long as the player can move.
Buff CyberWhat(2) Near field distruption within 2. Attackers with smartlinks lose their Advantage from the smartlink.
Buff CyberWhat(3) Near field distruption within 2. Autonomous drones and sentries attacking have disadvantage as long as the player can move.
Buff DeadlyHunter Gain Advantage for attack actions in combat and get a +1 to damage, twice per short rest.
Buff DeathBank As a bonus action, use and roll one HealthDice to increase the effect, either damage or healing, of a spell, once per long rest.
Buff DestroyAI When the user has immersed in the Web, the target AI must Will save against a DC x + user's INT else suffer instant destruction, once per long rest.
Buff Disarm When the attacker successfully hits their target with any kind of Action, the target must roll a CON Save 15 or they drop any or all weapons currently in their primary hand/appendage.
Buff DualFire Fire similar weapons in each hand at same time at the same target for +5 to the Attempt.
Buff Emulation The user gets advantage when attacking a target if the user was impersonating the target.
Buff FakeDevice User can throw any object at an adversary. They must attempt a CHA DC or they are convinced the object is an explosive. Either they must flee by at least 6 spaces, or suffer disadvantage for the next round.
Buff FastExit Safely, but not necessarily securely, exit the Web as a reaction.
Buff FriedLiver The user can x times per short rest, cast another spell per action of any kind but risk a Gambit.
Buff Gambit Cast a spell without using Mana or Cache. Attempt as usual, but anything lower than the max dice roll will also cause a ThrowException.
Buff HitMe For HitMe(x), as a reaction to taking damage from an attack, use 1 available HealthDice to regain health, x times per short rest.
Buff HoloFace Given the proper materials, the user can create a holographic version of themself with all of their abilities.
Buff Immitation The user gets advantage when attacking a target if they both have the same weapon.
Buff IronWill For IronWill(x), x times per long rest, use your WIS Save instead of any other Save.
Buff JazzedUp Additional +1 DEX if jazz, blues, hip-hop, or country music plays aloud.
Buff Magical User without has disadvantage when using Magical items.
Buff Mana For Mana(x), user can cast any magic spell up to spell level x, x times per short rest.
Buff Martial User without has disadvantage when using Martial items.
Buff MartialArtist You can use your DEX instead of STR for any Attempt once per short rest.
Buff MissedMe Use a reaction to automatically dodge any non-magical projectile/explosion. Once per long rest.
Buff NoMaterials For NoMaterials(x), use a spell at will, without gestures or material components, x times per long rest.
Buff OldFriend Same as VeraBestFriend, but for a second weapon. Cannot apply to the same weapon as VeraBestFriend.
Buff OnlyLiveTwice User may automatically roll one remaining HealthDice to recover if health drops below 1.
Buff PassiveEvasive You have +1 to your Avoid Casualty score as long as you feel well-rested and have no ill conditions such as sickness or poison.
Buff PatOnTheBack As an action, the user can touch a target to restore a pool equal x * the character level HP as long as the target currently has more than 0 HP and is awake. The pool resets each long rest.
Buff PickOnSomeone Once per long rest, use the Dash Action to move to an enemy 3 or fewer spaces away to charge at them knocking them prone. Until your next turn, they provoke opportunity if they Move or Attempt.
Buff PumpedUp User has 2 full Actions per turn, gets STR +8, and CON +4.
Buff QuantumComputing Caster gains automatic success against any pre-quantum device. Twice per short rest.
Buff QuantumNetwork Transmit a message, impossible to hack without caster's knowledge.
Buff QuantumSense Caster gains automatic success for Insight or Perception checks within 1. Twice per short rest.
Buff QuantumSprite Caster can manifest an AI.
Buff QuantumStorage Caster can persist a large data set without a conventional storage device such as a commlink.
Buff SameSide As a reaction, as long as they can speak or gesture, the user imposes a CHA DC equal to their score on the adversary. A DC failure negates the attempt. Once per short rest.
Buff ShorterRester User can take a short rest in half the time of others or in one minute whenever a passenger in a vehicle.
Buff SkilledHunter Gain Advantage on all rolls that use the Talent Modifier when not in combat.
Buff SpeedUp User gets Speed +1.
Buff SuppressiveFire Concentration attack for 1 turn with an FA weapon. Spend FA ammo. Movement becomes 1. All actions become reactions for anything crossing the line of fire. Enemies in front and within 1 of the line of fire have disadvantage.
Buff ThreateningNegotiator Your enemies fear you. Gain Advantage on CHA checks vs your enemies if they are outlaws or have a bounty.
Buff TryCatch When using HealthDice to recover, use some or all of them to recover Mana or Cache.
Buff VeraBestFriend Choose one weapon and use an additional Talent Modifier when using it for any Attempt. May only be used on one weapon at a time. Once per long rest.
Debuff Addiction You have an addiction to a chemical drug, not necessarily illegal. Must take it once per day or suffer Disadvantage on Wisdom checks.
Debuff Hunted You lost someone a while ago who wants you dead.
Debuff Incognito Avoid OddBall, else feels self-conscious and suffer disadvantage for CHA DC.
Debuff NothingFits Clothes and Armour never fit properly. -1 to speed when wearing shirt/trousers type clothing/armour.
Debuff SolarPetrification You turn to stone if exposed to daylight when outside.
Debuff SolarSloth You move at half speed during combat when out in daylight.
Debuff Wanted You have a bounty on your head either from a government or a megacorp.
Milestone BonusFire Use the Bonus Action to gain one more Attack with Disadvantage with a semi-auto or automatic weapon.
Milestone Practice User chooses two BaseScoreUps to distribute.
Milestone WipeFirmware Remove Firmware from all current cyberware.
Property Ammo
Property Binding Only the primary user(s) can operate.
Property BurstFire For BurstFire(x), the weapon fires x shots provided enough ammo. User adds x-1 to the Attempt (no modifier if only firing one shot).
Property Daze Rolls for a DC 10 to prevent Stunned else suffer Disadvantage. Nat 1 for the first attempt only becomes Incapacitated for 1 turn.
Property Fast Missile moves faster than unaided eyes can see or react.
Property FullAuto For FullAuto(x), treat like BurstFire(x). Roll additional Attempts without any modifiers to hit up to two more targets that are either next to, directly behind, or ahead of the main target.
Property Infrared A nonmagical ability that typically allows one to see differences in temperature which can also help when navigating in the dark.
Property IoT Has a built-in computer with remote control.
Property LessLethal Weapon causes less-lethal damage and cannot reduce target to less than 10% of HP. Nat 1 causes lethal damage.
Property Light
Property Loading Reloading uses manual effort in addition to firing.
Property Lowlight A nonmagical ability to see in the dark, which also produces eyeshine.
Property Lucky Lucky(x) can spend 1 to re-roll non-damage but must take the new number.
Property Magazine Stores ammo in a detachable box to reduce reloading effort.
Property OddBall Social property, not part of the norm.
Property Proprietary Weapon can only use parts of like model and in some cases like brand. EG, ammo.
Property Rocket Fires rocket-type ammo only.
Property Scatter Typically a projectile of some kind lands then bounces or when it misses it goes somewhere near the target goal.
Property Speedy No dash penalty.
Property Spell Supernatural phenomenon.
Property Thrown
Property Timer Timer(x) for x rounds or x * 2 turns, whichever happens sooner.
Property Versatile Increases damage if holding with two hands instead of one.
SideEffect Adware If confronted with an advert, the user must roll a WIS DC to resist purchasing.
SideEffect Cheats Rolling a max value for an Attempt, or sometimes lower for users with cyberware, causes advantageous side effects.
SideEffect Firmware Military version of spyware.
SideEffect Hollowware Walking tin can. Stealth roll penalty if moving.
SideEffect Hotware Overheating. After combat, if the user made an attack roll CON Save 10 else take 1d4 heat damage.
SideEffect Lowpower
SideEffect Random
SideEffect Spongeware Fills with water if submerged and then leaks. Stealth roll penalty after getting wet for 1 minute.
SideEffect Spyware The remote operator has some knowledge that might otherwise be private.
SideEffect ThrowException Rolling a min value for an Attempt, or sometimes higher for magic users with cyberware, causes terrible side effects.
SideEffect Vaporware
TempDebuff Override(1) Adds a -5 to Perception rolls.
TempDebuff Override(2) Adds critical failures to Perception rolls.
TempDebuff Override(3) Makes negative Perception rolls critical failures.
TempDebuff Override(4) Adds a -5 to Perception rolls (possible -10).
TempDebuff Override(5) Adds a -5 to Perception rolls (possible -15).
TempDebuff Override(6) The target becomes an NPC with Madness.