Fenris Punk | Beings

1 Anthropomorphs

The vast majority of folks are human, humanlike, or humanoid. When Apophis scarred Earth and Greenland melted, some folks gradually started changing. Others were just born like that.

When it comes down to it, every one of us belong to the same species, we just have more diversity since Greenland melted… We got folks with pointer ears and better eyesight. But those undead and dragons, they're something else entirely!

1.1 Humans

Generally the smelliest. They either stink or they wear something scented to cover up that they stink. They also remain oblivious of this fact.

1.2 Dwarfs

Generally always have beards due to their incredibly fast growing hair of often 1 cm per day, regardless of the gender social norms. Mythological and folklore stereotypes do not always reflect reality for height.

1.3 Elves

Generally have the biggest and pointiest ears.

1.4 Orks

Generally have the biggest teeth.

1.5 Trolls

Generally have the biggest noses.

1.6 Sasquatches

Generally the hairiest.

1.7 Android

Generally constructed to look and resemble one of the other beings along with their traits. Sometimes also constructed in a way to look like an artificial being, often with less fleshy/biological traits and more plastic or metalic looking surfaces.

2 Metamorphs

After a fighting another metamorph or after achieving a significant campaign milestone, characters can sometimes choose or be subject to transform into a new Being.

One of my best customers is undead, so what!

2.1 Dragons

Generally folks who have amassed a great amount of wealth. They can transform from or to their large reptilian or serpentine form and their original being as an action.

2.2 Giants

Generally folks who have a specific agenda, such as building and ruling a megacorp. They can transform from or to their large monstrous form and their original being as an action.

2.3 Undead

They never seem to die or submit to pain, even when their HP reaches zero.

2.4 Werefolk

Often, but not always wolf-based such as the classic werewolf, werefolk transform into a monstrous creature.

3 See also

See the Beings table.