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1.1 Brick

1.2 Brock

1.3 Coach Signe

1.4 E1M1

1.5 Garra

1.6 Hexapus

A quantum hacker turned death mage, known only by their handle Hexapus, taken from the popular children's toy line from the 2010s of Hexapus, the Happy Six-Armed Octopus. Hexapus became well-known when they stole the Destiny Fork from the US military in 2044. The artifact allows its wielder to change into a dragon or a fox. Some also claim it can give other forms such as a unicorn.

Authorities know little about Hexpus. Hexapus has a retro set of themes, for example, all voice recordings have all used an artificial deep, voice modulator, which by the 2020s, deepfakes have widely replaced the need for obvious fake technology.

Hexapus has claimed to be a single parent of five children, each of which who hide in ice cream shops. Most theorists believe this is some kind of a code.

1.7 Hood

Born Henry MacDuff on 2040-02-08 in Seattle. Multi-archetype.

Stats as of the mid 2060s.

Stat Rating
Size Medium
Being Human
Align Chaotic Neutral
Speed 8
STR 12
DEX 18
CON 14
INT 18
WIS 12
CHA 12
DEX Save
CON Save
Weapon Explosives
Handedness Right

1.8 Jinx

1.9 Medicoid

1.10 Rewind

1.11 Taka the Wise

1.12 Ulfy

1.13 XJammer