Fenris Punk | The Unnamed Adventure: Appendices

1 NPCs

1.1 The Unnamed

An ancient terror is waking up.

1.2 Faction X

An outcast group of with a magical secret. They live in the less populated islands of northern Cascadia. They specifically enjoy eating "evil" things and otherwise consume seafood.

Faction X is based on the PNW coastal horror legend called "the Wheezers" dating back to the 1980s, possibly farther back. They were something of a cross between a troll and a werewolf that would live in abandoned outhouses, travelling a maze of underground tunnels. They had red, glowing eyes and sharp claws like a bear. Their noisy breathing gave them their name.

1.3 Children of the Mines

Android refugees of sought freedom in the 2030s from oppression in the US and made their home off the coast of Cascadia, eventually travelling to the depths of the ocean. Many of them are also cyborgs, specifically androids with lab-grown biological parts or even the children of non-androids and androids.

1.4 Crew of Harold's Folly

The sub has traits making it similar to a Typhoon-class submarine, but instead of housing ballistic missiles, it carries various cargo.

Stat Rating
Length 175 m (~574 ft)
Beam, overall 23 m (75.5 ft)
Speed, surface 40 km/h
Speed, submerged 50 km/h

      |\_____|   |_____
      | _              \
      |/ \_____________/

1.4.1 Captain Harley Harold

A female dwarf android. She has the appearance and demeanour of someone pushing a century, but was only born in 2047.

Captain and owner of Harold's Folly, aka The Harold by friends or The Folly by foes, a 2030s merchant marine nuclear submarine.

1.4.2 First Mate Quaz

20, male, dwarf. His favourite item is his backpack skiff, which he almost always has in his possession.

1.4.3 Chef Eve

40, female, elf

1.4.4 Makini

80, male, sasquatch

1.4.5 Ash

20s, male, elf model android twin of Elm

1.4.6 Elm

20s, female, elf model android twin of Ash

1.4.7 Dry-Dock

50, male, dwarf

1.4.8 Drunk

50, male, dwarf

1.4.9 Grumpster

50, male, dwarf

1.4.10 Mox

Harold's pet mug-drone with limited AI

1.5 The Vulcaneers

A volanologists camp on Kruzof Island interested in studying the volcano. They comprise mostly of elves and orks.

1.5.1 Doctor Akita

55, male, elf. Akita leads most of the field expeditions around the island and to the volcano.

1.5.2 Ranger Ricky Finch

Mighty 2 meters, female human. Leader of the rangers, known simply as Ranger Ricky.

1.5.3 Ranger Ian Blizzard

50, male, dwarf. Not originally one of the Vulcaneers, camp to the island about a year ago and joined the rangers. He is the toughest looking person on the island.

1.5.4 Ranger Wedge

30, male, human. Son of a Cascadian and an American refugee. Enlisted with the rangers and specifically a remote island to get firmly out of sight of the US. Has a large utility fridge-sized drone called Betty.

1.5.5 Skipper Val

110 but looks 60, male, dwarf. Former sailor, now the island shipwright who also spends much of his time collecting trash to keep the beaches clean. If prompted, he will go on about how he was born a human, but over the years he's been shrinking in his old age.

1.5.6 Doctor Mel

40, female human. A physician for the rangers who works in the clinic. Grew up in Vancouver, BC.

1.6 Kruzof Preservation Society

The KPS travelled to assist the Vulcaneers with research on the island while preserving the wildlife and collecting any archaelogical evidence. They look like members of a monestary.

1.7 Other visitors to the island

1.7.1 Abby Rockworth

40ish, female, troll. Came to the island about three months before the PCs arrived.

2 Nightmare Island Syndrome

2.1 Antidote

Made from local volcanic rock and kelp.

2.2 Sanity Checks

Every night, 24 hours after the last dose of antidote, the PCs must make a WIS Save. So if they get the antidote Monday morning, Wednesday night they'll need to attempt half or better the dice max (10 on a d20). A success at noon the next day will remove 1 failure. The antidote will remove all failures after five minutes.

Failures Effect
1 Must flea something out of fear
2 Disadvantage
3 Initiative always 1
4 Speed reduced to 1
5 Frozen scared
6 Scared to death

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