Fenris Punk | The MacGuffins: Act 3 Vancouver

1 TODO Disclaimer

Note, this remains a work in progress. While the core elements of this adventure played out in the play-tests, it was split up and not played linearly. It still requires some work; consider everything here a todo.

2 Introduction

Big Cheese decides the MacGuffin the PCs stole from Big Mac is too dangerous to hang on to. She hires the PCs to take it north to Vancouver, BC where they can deliver it to one of her associates.

3 TODO Summary

4 Dramatis Personae

5 TODO Hooks

6 Chapters

This can either happen at the same time or in parallel to the investigation of the airship crash, depending on the players available.

6.1 Chapter 1

6.1.1 The Big Cheese Office

Big Cheese calls the party back to the office. She's decided, "I can no longer keep the MacGuffin and asks the team to take it to a drop in Stanley Park at the aquarium. If you accept I will give you a helicopter lift to the train station. Complete of the mission and I will pay 20k nuyen. Fail and you'll just have to deal with the faction currently after me."

What's happened on the floor?
We've sold the building and everyone else has left.
Who exactly are we meeting?
CHA DC 20: It's a non-human and they need to be at that location. Fail: You'll have to figure it out when you get there. The person has a very pail complexion.
Why the change of heart to ask us back?
We ran into additional security issues.
Can we expect any issues on the train?
CHA DC 15: We know that two agents survived and will continue to follow you. Keep your comlinks ready and when I detect them I will send you an alert. Fail: You should expect to be followed.
What's in the case?
I've placed it in another case inside a drone that you can take control of. If you try to open it, you'll set off an explosive.

If the group accepts, continue to the train. Otherwise if they refuse, they face another ambush in the office of Big Cheese. Overwhelming hostiles should push the characters to the roof, forcing them to take the helicopter.

4 malicious folks at a time
AC 12, 1d12 pistol, 15 HP, ATTR 13

6.1.2 Maglev Train to Vancouver

Take the 5:00pm maglev express from Seattle to Vancouver BC. ETA 5:55pm.

Big Cheese sends a message to the group:

The train has been highjacked, but I'm not sure who did it. You need to take control without causing a panic.

  1. Train Notes

    The train contains over 100 passengers and 10 crew. Crew:

    2 engineers
    AC 12, 1d8, 15 HP, ATTR 13
    1 conductor
    AC 10, 1d8, 15 HP, ATTR 13
    7 servers
    AC 10, 1d4, 10 HP, ATTR 13

    Passengers follow:

    4 uniformed guards
    AC 12, 1d12 pistol and 1d6 stun batton, 15 HP, ATTR 13
    1 undercover marshal
    AC 18, 1d20 pistol, 20 HP, ATTR 14
    3 malicious thieves but unknowing
    AC 12, 1d6 stun batton, 12 HP, ATTR 12
    2 malicious and know about the MacGuffin
    AC 12, 1d12 pistol, 50 HP, ATTR 13

6.2 Chapter 2 Stanley Park

The group ventures to the abandoned aquariums of Stanley Park. More instructions from Big Cheese appear via the comlink say to head below to one of the underground viewing rooms. In the room the party finds a large exosuit, lying on its back, that looks like it could hold a very large troll. And indeed, there looks like a troll inside.

Big Cheese sends a message saying they can now open the case and that they need to put the contents into the rear hatch on the exosuit.

If the 2 bad folks survived the train, MacDuff A enter the room and ambuse the group. If the party made contact with any of the 3 malicious know-nothings on the train, then MacGruff B enter from the other side.

If the MacGuffin makes it into the exosuit, it drives the person inside it insane. The PCs will need to subdue the exosuit.

6.2.1 Beluga-O-War

AC 18, 2d8, 25 HP, ATTR 15

6.2.2 After the battle

Once the exosuit has been defeated, the tall female troll operator, known only as Masako, will stumble out, explaining they have a mysterious technomagical disease. They need one more component to cure to find a cure. If they players decide to help, they go on to Chapter 3, or they can immediately continue the combat into Chapter 4 as if the battle just keeps going.

6.3 Chapter 3 Find the Cure

The players return to the urban area of Vancouver to find a death mage named Brooke The Banker.

6.4 Chapter 4 All in Vain

The group returns to the abandoned aquariums to find the tail end of a shootout between two different factions, one Thugless led by Big Karl and the other SAFE. Thugless has the advantage with Big Karl. The victorious faction will also kill Masako before they lose to the PCs.

Big Cheese will express deep regret that Masako has died and insist that if any of the aggressors have lived, they certainly have bounties worth collecting.

6.5 Chapter 5 Get the Bounty

The bounties will have an order of magnitude greater reward in Seattle than in Vancouver, and it will depend on the person. Agent Smithereens of the SPD, if the PCs have made contact, will assist with transportation back to Seattle if they ask.