Fenris Punk | The MacGuffins: Act 1 Daifin Group

1 TODO Disclaimer

Note, this remains a work in progress. While the core elements of this adventure played out in the play-tests, it was split up and not played linearly. It still requires some work; consider everything here a todo.

2 TODO Introduction

3 TODO Summary

4 TODO Dramatis Personae

5 TODO Hooks

6 Side Quest

6.1 Chapter 4 Alternate Events

PCs who join later in the story might want some backstory. This alternate for Chapter 7 takes place moments before the first explosion at the SPD.

The PCs exit an elevator to a lower basement of the Seattle Police Department at 1 am. Someone has hired them to find a safe an smuggle out the contents. Above, the busy SPD has dozens of civilians waiting in the lobby to talk to officers.

A maintenance drone wandering the floor, running on auto during the night shift. It a keycard to access locked rooms on the floor. AC 10, HP 10.
Starts in the back offices. AC 14, max 15 => -17
Exits the the elevator as soon as the PCs have left range. AC 15, max 20 => -2

Assuming the PCs stealth around the floor, most of the beginning action should happen out of sight. SAFE-1 should be uncatchable and SAFE-2 should destroy the drone.

As soon as they open the safe, the first explosion hits the SPD. They can either fight their way out to get back to the elevator, drop down a floor by openning a hatch in the floor, or use the trash compactor to go up the service elevator. By this time, SAFE-1 will appear, and mistakenly assume the PCs are also working with them to sabotage the SPD.

The lower floor has automated conveyors and sorting robots, with a service catwalk high above. From the corner of the operations center in one corner, a group fugitives blow out the ceiling and drop into the room just as a squad of police appear in the opposite corner. Though both groups will act hostile towards the PCs, they will prioritize their attacks on each other. To exit, the PCs can go back up the floor using the catwalks, or they can find the hidden elevator the SPD used.

7 Chapters

7.1 Chapter 1

Two months later at the beginning of September.

7.1.1 Seattle PD

The party meets with the Seattle Police Department one morning at 9am during the summer. They meet an Agent Smithereens who remains masked the entire visit, revealing only basic humanoid features.

At this day and age the PD had been reduced to minimal staff, mostly drones operated by Technomancers. The PD outsources most work to megacorp contractors. Most actual humanoids keep an anonymous profile and rarely leave their headquarters.

Agent S pitches to the party, "Seattle PD needs to hire someone without megacorp interests to investigate the death of Retired Chief Ocsir B Tony and bring in the killers. Chief Tony had taken a high altitude airship leaving from Anchorage to Seattle which landed at SEATAC at 11:38 pm last night. We need physical presence on the scene immediately to assist our forensics drone team. If you accept this mission we have a direct subway to the airport. You can leave immediately. Your compensation would include 20,000 nuyen for solving the case, include a bonus for any of those involved, depending on how alive or guilty, as well as a daily rate."

Chief Tony went up to Alaska to bring something back to Seattle.

An explosion while landing killed most of the crew.

Emergency crews flew them to hospital.

Investigators have it and need to repair before they can get the data.

10 years.

No, they're classified.

DC 20. Metadata is clear, but the recordings are encrypted.

4 crew, 31 passengers.

1 crew and 1 passenger are missing as not dead or hospitalized.

There was an airmarshal, but they died in the crash.

Lt Plato, Passenger Yl Bnot

DC 15 from the bridge, totally fried flight recorder.

  1. Accept

    Proceed to SEATAC.

  2. Refuse

    Head back to the elevator to exit the building. But before leaving, you notice a group of thugs entering the building with explosives.

7.1.2 Wreckage at SEATAC

The air smells like burned rubber. Forensics drones are working away.

Chief Tony rented this suite for himself. DC 15 Investigation to notice the MacGuffin B. DC 15 Perception to notice this is almost the same as the one you gave Big Cheese. DC 20 for player's choice to open the case.

DC 15 to see the explosive type was magical and you sense some remaining magic.

AC 17, 1d10+1, 15 HP, 15 for all attributes -10 HP

AC 12, 1d8+1, 15 HP, 13 for all attributes

7.1.3 Back at Seattle PD

DC 12 to keep the MacGuffin a secret.

7.2 Chapter 2

7.2.1 The Hideout

DC 20 to open it to the inner case.

7.2.2 Seattle PD

Agent Smithereens calls the group with the news about someone who Chief Tony was trailing before he died…

He says: We got a delayed transmission from Chief Tony that a person of interest, Mr Interesting, was last scene entering the void room. We need someone to follow Mr Interesting into the void room. Minimal money this time, only 5k each, but I can offer you both an XSS-11 Phase Rifles, to be returned after the mission.

The bar opened five years ago and has since made a profit as a hangout for hackers and spies tend to gather.

  1. TODO Add more Q&A.

7.2.3 The Void Room

The portal brings the PCs to a typical, darkly lit bar with a bouncer at the front entrance. Loud music and black lights bathed the main room of the bar. The PCs should have no trouble entering, but should feel like someone will watch their every move. Patrons move in and out and drone deliver drinks. The only physical, fleshy person looks like Bar Tender. Big Mac and Big Cheese have a private conversation at the back of the establishment. An infamous hacker named XJammer sits near the front with a few other patrons.

  1. Ref Notes

    XJammer uses the alias for Mr Interesting when dealing directly with government officials, but the PCs should not figure this out until after they defeat Big Mac.

    Big Mac will eventually leave if the PCs want to talk to Big Cheese alone. But if they interrupt the meeting, Big Mac will attack.

  2. TODO Big Mac Skirmish

    A goblin-esque being in a mech suit will storm in. Bar Tender will come to Big Cheese's rescue if in danger. The Mechanized Gob instant kills Bar Tender if within range. If not within range, XJammer will join the fight, protected with a shield of 8 drones. He will attack but always miss.

    Big Cheese and XJammer should not permanently die from this skirmish.

    • Add Big Mac's stats
    • Add Mechanized Gob stats
    • Add drone stats
  3. Actions

    • Access the terminal.

    DC 15, then DC 10, Mr Interesting knows how to open the case.

    • Persuade the bouncer.

    DC 15 or 500 credits.

    • Search for bounties.

    DC 15 to know about 1 person.

    • Big Cheese

    Talking to Big Mac. She owns the Void Room. DC 15 or 1k to arrange a meeting with Mr Interesting. DC 10 who was Big Mac? Former business partner.

    • Bar Tender, standard Sword Ape.

    • SIN detection

    19 DC to know all physical. 20 DC to know all Web.

    • XJammer

    DC 10 or something witty for a delayed response. He saw Mr Interesting last week.

    DC 20 to know he's currently stealing crypto credits. DC 18 to know where from. DC 15 to get a face to face meeting.

    • XJammer, face to face

    DC 20 to find out true identity of Mr Interesting. If this happens near the beginning, it immediately triggers the Big Mac Skirmish.

    He wants an XSS weapon.

    • Big Mac

    DC 19 to take comlink.

7.3 Chapter 3

Immediately following Chapter 5, the PCs get a chance to sandbox minor tasks until early the next morning. At 3am, XJammer sends an email to meet him at Woodland Park at 6:30am.

7.3.1 Woodland Park 1

XJammer points

Mechanized Trash Collector

Thugs x3

RentaCops x2

7.3.2 Bunker

Dire Tiger

HP 20 15 stats +2 stats 1d10

DC 15 to find a really cool.

DC 15 to find out something blew it up.

7.3.3 Woodland Park 2


DC 15

7.3.4 Back at the HQ

  1. The news report on KING 5.2099

    Eight Dead Including Four Officers, Woodland Park

    Uploaded 2062 September 9th, Saturday by Adaku Smith, KING 5.2099 News

    POLICE in the Green Lake neighbourhood have launched a folkhunt after multiple killings thought to have been sparked by an argument over gang territory, which lead to 4 dead officers, 4 dead suspects, and several injuries, and an explosion which sent a wake-up call to folks miles around.

    It started with a group of Ork Supremacists beating to death two supplemental security guards patrol. One witness, 27-year-old Lee Wai, city employee described the scene as horrific.

    Wai: "It was horrific!"

    Reporter: "Can you tell us about the events leading up to it?"

    Wai: "I start my shift each morning at a different city location. This morning I stopped by because somebody'd vandalized all of our maintenance drones and tipped the garbage bins. I just don't get it, who would want to just go around breaking random drones? They didn't just do the usual paint and tags. They tore these apart."

    Reporter: "And then you heard the blast?"

    Wai: "It was horrific, like I said. I heard it, but not all my surveil tools had come back online. But I operate an Aramko M22 Mech, so I could take some abuse if some gangs messed with me. I charged in there, and saw parts of those two kids. I think they were both younger than me."

    Reporter: "What did you do then?"

    Wai: "Well, I was pretty sure I saw someone running away, so I chased after them, but lost them."

    Less than an hour later, just after 7:30 am, another group of supplemental security officers were attacked again. This time, innocent bystanders were involved. Two more officers lost their lives along with one other suspect. No bystanders received any injuries.

    Anon. Officer: "It's a miracle none of the bystanders received any injuries."

    Police are warning members of the public not to use the park for the rest of the week while they continue searching for another gang member who they believe is armed and and may have information related to the killings.

7.4 Chapter 4 Assault on SPD

XJammer opens the case. If any PCs have yet to rejoin, use this opportunity to regroup. Suddenly a flash of light from the case blinds the group and renders them unconcious.

Hours later, 2am, the group all wake around the same time. Roll CON DC to find out who wakes up first. XJammer seems to have fled, but he left a note saying he'd figure out what just happened, though Big Mac might also have some answers.

All comlinks have a message from Agent Smithereens, asking for the group to come down to the station for another job offer. "It's important! Turn on the news!"

News: Seattle PD Attacked by Terrorists!…

If someone collected Big Mac's comlink, then at this time it cracks a layer of encryption. Some messages have details about Big Mac's MacGuffin and its abilities. It also mentions Chief Tony's, but only that they knew about it.

What "really" happened?
Megacorps sent a hit squad to thin out existing SPD personnel in order to increase their security contracts with the city.
Where are you, XJammer?
I'll get back to you.
Examine self for physical damage.
You look better than you expected.

7.4.1 Seattle PD

The place looks completely trashed. Drone pieces are everywhere. Paramedics run up and down the stairs and some look like they are carrying bodies. One heavily armed officer, Torch Operator SPD5689, guards the door with what looks like a flamethrower and motions the PCs inside.

  1. Smithereens

    The PCs enter the office of Smithereens. A heavily armoured paramedic closes up their case. "Next time you're buying drinks."

    Smithereens grunts in pain, but brushes it off. "If I live that long. Get out of here, Fuster. I'm fine. See you at XNU2000's wedding next month." He looks at the PCs. "Ah, so you got my message. Seattle PD got hit by the same group that hit Big Cheese a few weeks ago. Yeah, we knew about that. That's how we found out about your team. Well, I have another job for you to go track down the suspects. They might have attacked in attempt to break out Big Mac. You should go talk to him. We have him in the jail on the sixth floor."

    By the time all the PCs finish talking with Smithereens, all the paramedics have left.

  2. Big Mac behind bars

    Ask questions, etc. Using either Persuation or Intimidation.

    Who attacked the station?
    A bunch of thugs that want someone dead. DC 15 names Daifin. DC 20 names Big Karl.
    What is your relationship with Big Cheese
    We sometimes do business.
    What's on your comlink (DC 20)
    The special pin for the contents of his comlink which has 23000k of crypto currency and lots of messages with someone named Big Karl (also further encrypted).

    Big Mac wants the group to return his comlink to the address that appears when they email his secret address.

    1. Big Mac's Comlink Messages

      "I can't believe you… We needed it yesterday. Can't believe you lost it in daylight! Tony's isn't important, we need the other one!"

      'Don't worry I can get it back. Your boss won't have to suffer much longer. Big Cheese and I have an understanding. Just need to remind her.'

      "You better, or >=)"

7.4.2 Second wave of attacks

As soon as the group decides to leave, possibly to investigate Daifin Group, or after they finish talking to Big Mac, another wave of hostiles attacks. Their primary target is Big Mac, though the PCs might think it's them or Agent Smithereens.

The entire building goes into lockdown.

Belligerents and other NPCs:

The SAFE Thugs arrive in waves of 5, and call for backup as soon as the current group reduces to 1. The heroes should become overwhelmed.

After the 4th wave of SAFE Thugs, or if the Torch Operator dies, the flamethrower explodes, the entire building goes into lockdown, and the main floor of the building catches fire and fills with smoke. If they still don't want to leave, XJammer sends messages to all PCs to escape via the tram in the lower levels.

  1. SAFE Thugs

    Stat Rating
    Size Medium
    Being Varies
    Align Chaotic Neutral
    AC 13
    HP 10
    Speed 5
    STR 14
    DEX 13
    CON 12
    INT 19
    WIS 11
    CHA 10
    Perception +2
    Survival +2
    Armour Combat Bus Suit
    Weapon MP7KA2

7.4.3 Escape via SPD-Seatac Tram

Assuming they escape via the underground train to the airport, there will be one more battle with the wounded SPD officer if they lived that long and if Big Mac has escaped with the group. They will attempt to kill Big Mac and upon dying will reveil that Daifin hired them.

Completely alternately and optionally, from out of a hidden compartment, or the other surviving officer will jump out and attempt to assassinate Agent Smithereens or whomever has the highest AC/HP combination as to not actually kill off an important PC.

  1. Wounded SPD Defector

    Stat Rating
    Size Medium
    Being Unknown
    Align Lawful Good
    AC 14
    HP 5/100
    Speed 6
    STR 11
    DEX 11
    CON 13
    INT 18
    WIS 21
    CHA 17
    INT Save +7
    WIS Save +8
    Insight +8
    Perception +8
    Armour Special Issue
    Weapon XSS-12 Phase
  2. Agent X45611

    Shot four times in the chest. Nearly dead and extremely high on pain killers given by the medic.

  3. Rewards

    The players should receive some kind of compensation for risking their lives.

    • Bonus for if Agent Smithereens survives.
    • Bonus for if Big Mac survives, if for some reason they broke him or he broke himself out of jail.
    • Bonus for if anyone else survives.
  4. Ears Only Libre Channelz Broadcast

    Do not attempt to reload your browser. This is a Libre Channelz Broadcast. This video hack will last exactly 60 seconds. It cannot be tracked, it cannot be aborted, and it is the last free signal in Seattle.

    Sunday the 10th of September 2062

    Early this morning at 1:39 am and later at 5:39 am, the Seattle Police Department were attacked twice by Secure Ascii Face Emergencies, also known as SAFE, a smaller company of mercenary contractors branded by their love for emoticons. They were hired by the Daifin Group to disrupt building security for the purpose assassinating one of their own employees rather than risk losing corporate secrets.

    The first attack involved a flash mob terrorist attack which flooded the first floor of the station, destroying most of the internal security. Two officers lost their lives, several others were wounded. The mob left none of their own casualties behind and no arrests were made. Paramedics and contractors arrived shortly after.

    The second attack happened exactly four hours later. This time, uniformed troopers stormed the station. The main guard on duty suffered a ruptured napal tank and exploded setting the building on fire. Within 10 minutes firefighters arrived to contain the blaze.

    Daifin plans to contract additional staff to the SPD in order to tighten their grasp on the city. They also will not stop until they have secured their jailed employee. They may already have moles, waiting. Daifin must be stopped, or our city will never have justice.

7.5 Chapter 5

This continues the events starting around 6am Sunday the 10th of September 2062.

Agent Smithereens pilots the van to the Seatac so the PCs have an easy option for travel. He also volunteers to move it to wherever.

Sandbox chapter with several options.

Probable list of destinations:

7.5.1 Send Message to Big Mac's Contact

Immediate text-only response: "Go to the Void Room. I will meet you there."

Depending on how the PCs interact and how much information they disclose, the message will also offer payment.

Alternately, the PCs might decide they want to send the comlink, in which case it is possible for the events to take place via the Web.

7.5.2 Seatac

If the PCs make it to Seatac, an unusual greeting of 80 police officers will meet them. This should make the party feel very uneasy.

7.5.3 North Seatac Park

The PCs can ditch the tram and exit via a hidden hatch that leads to North Seatac Park. The PCs should encounter some SAFE scout drones with sniper carbines.

7.5.4 The Void Room

The PCs return to a renovation-in-progress Void Room after the fighting from just a few days prior.

The contact is Big Cheese. She wants the comlink because it will fill in many of the missing questions. If she gets it she will arrange for the release of Big Mac if she gets it. And if so, at this point Big Mac has defected from Daifin to work for Big Cheese. She will offer 100k for the commlink and will go up to 150k depending on role playing.

"I have bad news and good news for all of you. Which do you want first?"

The good news
"All of you have been exposed to technology that makes cyberware look like torture."
The bad news
"They'll come for you now. The contents of Chief Tony's case exploded all over the lot of you and now Daifin has figured it out. XJammer has it too."
How does it work
Chief Tony's has a healing ability that you can set up to three times per long rest. It also has a time delay so you can use it now so if you lose consciousness your body might heal itself at the time you choose.
Is Chief Tony still alive?
Good question.
Where is XJammer
I sent him to go infiltrate Daifin. If you go with him, I'll compensate you.

If the PCs do not ask about XJammer, Big Cheese will ask them to help him out.

  1. TODO Super Big Jerk

    An ork wanted for cracking into Daifin via his contact (Damn Big Jerk) on the inside. He has a bounty for 40k, delivered dead.

7.5.5 TODO Big Mac's Undead Vikings Game

If the heroes have not on their own ventured here, Big Cheese will force them to enter the game. Victory releases the information she seeks.

Yellows HP 4 AC 10

Greens HP 8 AC 10

Reds HP 16 AC 14

Necromancer HP 25 AC 15

7.5.6 TODO IR Web Address 0x0f1133aa


7.6 TODO Chapter 6

4pm Sunday the 10th of September 2062.

7.6.1 Recap

By now the PCs have probably obtained at least one MacGuffin, have some megacorp spies trailing them, and have learned that XJammer has become detained while attempting to infiltrate Daifin Group.

Damn Big Jerk.

4pm of the next day.

7.6.2 Choose Path

Regardless of the setting and path, Big Karl will seek out and attempt to kill as many of the PCs as possible.

  1. Infiltrate Daifin Group

    Save XJammer who has physically entered a Daifin Group building as a night shift drone operator mechanic. He has holed himself up in a telco MDF on one of the lower floors.

  2. Avoid and/or Run

    If the group decides to ignore XJammer and Daifin, the various megacorps will place a bounty with SAFE to apprehend the PCs.

7.7 TODO Chapter 7

6pm Sunday the 10th of September 2062.

7.7.1 Teaser

  1. The news report on KING 5.2099

    Breaking News: DA Found Dead at the Polar Nanoq Restaurant

    Uploaded 2062 September 10th, Saturday by Adaku Smith, KING 5.2099 News

    DISTRICT Attorney Takata Honda was found dead just earlier this afternoon in the restroom of the 5-Star Polar Nanoq Restaurant near city hall. Police have not released any additional details about the DA. No other injuries have been reported.

    Anon. Officer: "Our officers have spread themselves extremely thin. When we know more, we will make a formal announcement."

    In other possibly related news, explosions continue to rock the Seattle Police Department for the second day in a row. Many believe the two to be related, but SPD has yet to comment. However, the incident has sparked controversy within public staff members.

    Fire Marshal: "Our FD has the talent and means to pick up the pieces where the SPD has failed to uphold the safety of our city."

7.7.2 Recap

By now the PCs have fought and defeated Big Karl and the van has blown up leaving them stranded. If any of the PCs got captured, they probably just got rescued after defeating Big Karl.

7.7.3 Escape in the Van

Puck arrives in a new van. If the PCs never met, Big Cheese sends a message. If any new players join, they can also arrive in the van.

7.7.4 Big Cheese sends a message

7.8 TODO Chapter 8

Break into Daifin Group Tower to save XJammer, early the morning of September 11, 2062.

7.8.1 Recap

With the help of Big Cheese, Agent Smithereens, and the hacker Super Big Jerk, the PCs have disguised themselves as firefightes and police officers and arrived at the main Daifin Group skyscraper building to rescue XJammer and dig up any dirt on Daifin Group they can. XJammer waits on one of the upper floors, ready to set off a diversion.

Once the PCs get inside, XJammer detonates an explosive on one of the upper floors which sets off an alarm. Real police officers enter the building and charge past the PCs, followed a moment later by a group of real firefighers. Daifin office workers start exiting the building in a panic and another explosion hits the ground floor, shattering all the windows. In front of the PCs stands an armoured mech ready for battle.

7.8.2 Get to the elevator

Two real firefighters stand with those of the PCs who have dressed as firefighters. The mech blocks the way an acts agressively towards one of them, in particular.

"Traitor! Have you seen what they've done to us!"

The mech operator sounds like a young woman, but no one can see her face. The right arm looks like a window buffer replaced with an industrial saw. The left arm has a nozzle that looks like a water cannon, but around it two eletrodes with arcs sizzle and zap in fast pulses.

The police ahead keep running to wherever they were going, ignoring the mech.

  1. Interactions with the mech warrior

    Try to work in an IU reason rather than just giving the information. The mech will attack and hunt down any of the firefighters, unless they giveup their cover.

    What weapons does the mech have?
    DC 15 The right arm is obvious and nothing special, though a deadly saw that could cut someone in half in a snap. The left arm is an uncommon terrorist mod for window washing mechs that sprays high powered, electrified water, also capable of cutting someone in half.
    ID the mech warrior
    DC 20 or if someone remembers Chapter 1, this is Red Wilma, an active member of the Space Hams.
    ID the firefighter
    DC 10 Definitely a real firefighter. DC 5 Mister FD, from the badge.
    Ask why the firefighter is a traitor?
    DC 20 Sold out Drag Tuck to Daifin. Famous elf would could magically change size at will. DC 15 Formerly a member of the Space Hams, and we have internal business.
    Space Hams, who?
    DC 15 gets the blurb from the above section. DC 20 and it's also odd to see one of them with lethal weapons.
  2. Keep going with the police

    The police go down the back hallway to a locked passageway leading to a round room. Inside, bandaged person hooked up to medical monitors lies on a hospital bed.

    Fail two interactions with the real police and they will assume the person is a memeber of the Space Hams.

    Who the heck is this freak?
    DC 10 What you didn't hear? This is Drag Tuck the size shiftin' Elf! They finally caught him, damn terrorist.
    What are we doing with him?
    DC 10 We're going to take him to the jail.
    What was Daifin doing with him?
    DC 10 I heard they were using his genes in some patent.
    Heal Drag Tuck with the MacGuffin powers
    He will wake up and immediately wake up a berserker, but will ignore the person who saved him. He is nigh unstoppable and will take all attention away from the PCs. If Red Wilma is still alive, she will attempt to get him to leave with her, unsuccessfully for the time being.
  3. Together again, but still not to the elevator

    The police will attempt to leave the way they came with Drag Tuck, so they might reunite with the firefighters and Red Wilma. She will try to rescue him.

7.8.3 Aliens on floor 15

The elevator doors open and the smell of death and hot air like a sauna immediately fills the noses of the PCs. Outside the doors, in front of the elevator sits a brown-green blob, dripping what looks like water on the floor. Everything is quiet and the only light comes from the inside of the elevator.

XJammer sends a message:

"Thanks for stopping by! Most of the fun is over, but man did we party. I have one hell of a hangover and I think everyone else does too, so you might want to be quiet. Watch out for anything that looks like a pudding. I'm over here."

CON Save 10 to not throw up if not wearing a respirator of some kind.

If the PCs make too much noise, the mad scientist will seek them out and engage.

DC 5 not smoke, just hot.
Motion sensors in suits?
DC 12 survival to unlock.
What are these blobs?
DC 10 some kind of life form.
What's in this random locker?
DC 20 flamethrower with TBD stats, once. All other DC 20 hits get medpaks. DC 1 gets wandering monster.
Heal a blob
Someone comes back to life. DC 20 Damn Big Jerk. DC 19 friendly victim of experiments who can fight. DC 10 friendly, but uselessly terrified victim who asks for help to escape. Else, a wandering monster.
Unlock the first door, directly to XJammer
DC 20 quietly unlocks it by force. DC 15 using police cryptokeys will quietly unlock it. DC 10 without being quiet or explicitly stating use of DBJ/SBJ's cryptokeys quietly unlocks it.
Unlock the second door, opposite XJammer's closet
DC 20 quietly unlocks it by force. DC 15 using police cryptokeys will quietly unlock it. DC 10 without being quiet or explicitly stating use of DBJ/SBJ's cryptokeys quietly unlocks it.
Search the front desk
DC 15 finds a keycard to the floor which will open any door quietly on the floor without a DC (as long as there's still power).
Search the mad dead body
DC 20 macguffin 3, DC 5 comlink, badge, medical bag

XJammer will open the door to his hiding place as soon as a friendly is standing on the other side of the door, revealing he's heavily wounded missing an arm, but carrying rifle in the other hand.

"Before we leave we need to kill the mad scientist behind all this."

How badly hurt is he really?
DC 15 His left eye looks blind and he's missing most of his left arm.
Heal XJammer with the MacGuffin powers
DC 10 Fully healed.

If the group decides to hunt down the mad scientist, they'll find her in the operating theater. Otherwise she will engaging them as the attempt to escape using the elevator.

  1. The mad scientist

    See above for the mad scientist stats.

    1. Griffon

      • 20 AC
      • 60 HP
      • 1d10 necrotic breath attack
      • 1d8 slashing melee, reach 2;10.
    2. Cyberangels

      • 15 AC
      • 30 HP
      • 1d8+4 DMG

      For their dead switch attack, they fall on their target if within melee range for one last blade attack.

7.8.4 Escape the building

Minor skirmishes for the PCs. If someone healed Drag Tuck, but no one helps Red Wilma calm him down, he will eventually end up dying in a rage of battle against firefighters, police, and hired security forces. If no one healed Drag Tuck, but the group left on good terms with Red Wilma, they will find her at the bottom of the elevator with the dead body of Drag Tuck. She will offer to charge through the onslaught, taking all the fire, so the PCs can escape. Otherwise the PCs will see her fending off the entirity of the security forces while they silently escape. Once all the PCs exit the building, a final blast explodes all the walls and a dust cloud provides cover for their escape.

Loot the ambulance
DC 20 has 10 medpacks, stimpacks, etc.

7.8.5 TODO Docks

XJammer, if he survived, hands over the Daifin secrets to Big Cheese and Puck.