Fenris Punk | The MacGuffins: Act 0 Prologue

1 TODO Disclaimer

Note, this remains a work in progress. While the core elements of this adventure played out in the play-tests, it was split up and not played linearly. It still requires some work; consider everything here a todo.

2 TODO Introduction

3 TODO Summary

4 TODO Dramatis Personae

5 Hooks

Use this prologue as an example, potential hook, to tie-in the PCs to The MacGuffin adventure.

5.0.1 HQ

The group operates from an old shipping container (intermodal container) apartment building from the 2020s. It has tight quarters, poor but existing ventilation, but dry and remains mobile and bullet resistant.

The front modified double doors can also roll up like a garage and have an extra, retractable shutter with mechanical and electrical operation. Inside to the right sit two salvaged couches at a right angle with a table between them. To the left are a series of lockers that run up to a larger phone booth room, one of only two private chambers in HQ. In the middle of the main area, a round table takes up the largest footprint, surrounded by seven chairs of various types and condition. To the left of the large table, two appliances, a full-sized freezer and a similarly sized refrigerator run quietly. These two appliances represent the two newest and cleanest furnishings. After them, the kitchen, full of cabinets and a sink run around the corner up to the pocket, sliding door that leads to the living quarters. The beds in this pack three sets of triple bunk beds and some minimal bedside shelving. Before the beds near the entrance sit the laundry appliances. To the left of the door, two tightly packed single occupant toilet and shower combos face the back wall.

Two ducts run the length of the HQ on opposite sides of the ceiling. The left side vents out, with strong fans near the kitchen and toilets. The right side was designed to bring air in, but the exhaust fan from the other duct seems to do most of the actual work.

5.0.2 TODO Van

Seating enough for 11.

6 Chapters

6.1 Chapter 1

6.1.1 Cold Opener

In the early afternoon on a cloudy day in July 2062, a van heads downtown to drop off the PCs in a busy downtown area to obtain a briefcase, the MacGuffin, held by a very tall dwarf called Big Mac by whatever means necessary and return it to an office building on Capitol Hill to Big Cheese.

Puck will drive the van for this first mission. He will not exit the van unless forced.

6.1.2 Downtown

The downtown area has bystanders all going about their business. Most of them wear business suits, and some of them probably also have combat armour and consealed weapons. Big Cheese has supplied the PCs with complete surveilence from various sources including building cameras and high altitude drones. Among the bystanders are a group of private security officers from Thugless Inc, a window cleaner in a mechanized suit (Red Wilma), an extremely dirty looking dwarf (John Little), and Big Mac. Boots blends in among the bystanders, but the PCs should not recognize him.

The PCs park off to the edge of the busy area to remain out of sight from Big Mac. As the PCs approach, a not-so-well-dressed dwarf, John Little will begin to follow the PCs down the street. He will eventually ask for help.

During this time, Thugless patrol the area, questioning the bystanders for information about any suspicious behaviour in the area. They will attempt to arrest John Little. If Thugless makes enough noise, Red Wilma will come to the rescue and attempt to leave the scene with John Little.

As soon as Big Mac can see the group, he will attempt to flee the scene. In case the PCs cannot prevent him from escaping, Boots will engage with nonlethal force until Big Mac loses the MacGuffin. Big Mac will flee the area after losing the MacGuffin.

6.2 Chapter 2

6.2.1 Nightshade Logistics Main Office Building

Following the events in Chapter 1, the PCs return the MacGuffin to the offices of Big Cheese. They take the elevator to the 11th floor of the 13-story building. In the lobby, a group of security guards escort them to Big Cheese where the PCs can negociate payment.

However payment negociations resolve, before the PCs leave, a group of mostly non-uniformed assassins will storm the building and attempt to steal the MacGuffin. Under the element of surprise, the assassins should have no trouble wiping out Nightshade forces completely.

The PCs can either decide to escape and leave Big Cheese to fend off the attackers or they can provide help. Either way, Big Cheese will keep the MacGuffin.

If the PCs decide to flee the scene, they will meet more SAFE assassins blocking the elevator and perhaps all the way back down to their van.

Investigate the bodies
The assassins' only marks look like >=) and (=<. DC 15 for History or Survival gives the PCs a clue that these assassins work for SAFE.