Fenris Punk | The MacGuffins

1 TODO Introduction

I originally wrote what I code-named "It's never aliens" as a series of short adventures to play-test the Fenris Punk ttrpg. However, as players came and went, and as the pandemic affected life in general, I made certain changes along the way. For example, the adventure at Whittier Alaska, in and around the arcology, was not originally the end. And though we played it all, this campaign included here remains a work-in-progress until I can pry apart each act into its own adventure and I have fully transcribed my notes.

2 TODO Summary

This Fenris Punk campaign starts in Seattle in 2062, late July, with a cold opening in Act 0. Though most of the story taking place two months later in September. The PCs should all start on level 2, though one-player mode could use a higher level. The group has already met, have an established temporary HQ in a renovated shipping container apartment building and transportation via a large passenger van. The heroes will encounter a series of MacGuffins, each with a different technological breakthrough.

3 List of materials

If playing the entire adventure, Act 0 should happen first, though not all acts need to occur in numerical order.