Fenris Punk | Keep Your Hands Out of the Bag

1 Dramatis Personae

1.1 Government

1.1.1 TODO Sheriff Smithereens

A heavy plate armoured, masked law enforcement official of unknown background, presumably male.

1.2 Nightshade Guild

1.2.1 TODO Big Cheese

1.3 Daifin Guild

1.3.1 TODO Big Mac

2 Abstract

This high fantasy campaign, an extra-universe spin-off of It's Never Aliens starts in a town after the birth of Sleipnir, the return of Sif's hair, and the return of Idunn's apples. The group has already met, have an established wagon outside of town near a friendly farmer. The heroes will encounter a series of MacGuffins, each with a different magical property.

3 Chapter 1

3.1 Intro

Cold opening for the PCs with random battles and a bounty.

3.2 Session 0

The PCs skirmish outside of town with some small trolls/goblins.

3.3 Session 1

Attempt to capture Big Mac.

3.4 Session 2


3.5 Session 3

SA gives back manicles. 300 for the person. 300 for the bag.

4 Chapter 2

4.1 Intro

Sheriff Smithereens offers a job to the PCs to investigate a shipwreck.

4.2 Hospital

Went to hospital. Meet with the deputy on guard Onguard The Gaard.

Captain Tony is dead. First Mate Plato and one of the passengers are missing.

How do the survivors look?
All unconcious. Blood spots on bandages, burns on the bodies.
How does it smell?
smells bad and like rubbing alcohol
Detect magic?
DC 15 todo

4.2.1 Visit a doctor if anyone put their hand in the bag.

Doctor wants nail clippings. They continue to glow after clipped.

4.2.2 Visit the morgue

Inspect the body
DC 15 Has a slight shimmer kind of like if someone had stuck their foot in "the bag" and it had worn off.
Inspect the clothes
DC 10 Find the sand in the boots.

4.3 TODO Shipwreck

maps to chapter 3

"I didn't touch anything with my hand, but that guy put his foot in something."

Detect Magic
DC 10 magic on the ship, DC 15 lowest deck near the blast area.

Main deck is in a mess.

There's a hole above.