Fenris Punk | Session 38 - How about a phish sandwich?

1 Recap

Another lovely session, we picked up at 2062-09-27 10:00 am, on the island of Kruzof. The group had been in The Pub getting drinks and sampling the "phish sandwich". Who knows what's real fish or not anymore. Vince felt the effects of the grog and had DIS on perception for 60 minutes.

We retconed that Charles also picked up a 100 pack of zip ties costs 5 credits before joining the others at The Pub.

Ardric tries to hijack the Captain's drone, but fails. The captain is still back on the sub. They find out Skipper Val will have the sub docked very soon.

Charles, probably from all the alcohol early in the morning decides to go off on his newest invention, a hostage vest with explosives called the "USB" with a very specific version number which means he probably has been working on it for a while. The groinal explosive design beta. He asks Ardric to try to disarm/disable it, but Ardric can't seem to figure it out.

The group decides to check on the rest of the crew at the clinic. When they get there they meet Dr Mel who takes them to the room with two of the crew, the elf siblings Ash and Elm, who have been the most uncivil have been recovering. But when they open the door they see two of the "carpet things" instead. After a short skimish Dr Mel and Ardric take blood samples.

They find a loose floor tile and find a hidden entrance where the carpet things must have entered. Just then Doctor Akita returns. He's an older middle-aged elf with cybereyes. He asks the PCs for help tracking down Faction X, the carpet things. The PCs agree and Wedge rolls in with Betty the Drone to seal up the entrance to the tunnel with a thick layer of steel. It also has a hatch, openable from the topside.