Fenris Punk | Session 36 - It's all a hologram

1 Recap

The group thought a sinking fishing boat had just hit the aft of the sub. The rest of the crew finally made their appearance, having spent all of the day hanging out and drinking in one of the cargo areas near the bow. They made no formal introductions. The 4 dwarfs made their way aft to the leak, along with the sasquach who returned moments later with emergency scuba gear and dry suits. The other 3, elves, took up their positions. The last to enter the operations room, a mug-drone, hovered around the captain.

Ardric took some of the controls and closed some of the automated doors.

The captain admitted some trouble trying to determine the extent of the damage, and soon, one of the dwarfs reported no water leaking inside.

Ardric tried to operate the sonar, but fumbled badly. He asked the captain if they could reboot the sub's computers. Maybe they'd been hacked. After attempting to reboot, they found out by crashing into a beach that the scopes had misreported their position. Vince had a bump, but nothing too serious.

They had landed on Kruzof Island and still had a usable signal.

The sasquach and the elves went outside to setup a camp, while the dwarfs got to work. Charles joined one of the dwarfs, First Mate Quaz, and it looked like the captain's drone turned into a copy of the captain, but at this point nothing surprises Charles. They waded through some water in the party-cargo room and welded the hole from the inside.

The captain, herself, remained in the operations room, trying to restore the computers.

Ardric and Vince went outside with the others. Vince searched the beach, which seemed overly littered with garbage and various artificial debris, but at 10pm, he couldn't see as well as the elves and instead used his magical abilities. Ardric sent a drone to survey the area, sent a message to Agent Smithereens, and looked for damage on the aft section of the sub.

Quaz and Charles came outside to inspect the damage. Quaz inflated a grapheen boatpack. After a little struggle, Charles yanked out a chunk of rock from the hull and they patched it.

Heading back to the sub, just when Ardric, Charles, and Vince decided to pack it in for the night, one of the dwarfs (not Quaz) jetted past them and ran into the woods. Ardric followed, but lost him almost immediately, but notified the captain. Makini, whom everyone from now on will continue to call "Squach" dropped a pile of blankets for the PCs. The elves eventually settled down from their drinking, and everyone fell asleep.

That night, they took turns on watch, Charles, Ardric, and then Vince. Everyone had disturbing, foreboding dreams.

The next morning around 8am, a different dwarf (also again not Quaz) was making a lot of noise rummaging through a bad. Vince remembered it was a bag the captain had, so he went over to see what was going on. But the dwarf started running. Vince manifested an elemental and Charles considered finding some local wildlife to function as Klack Trap 2, "my pet sapper". After a quick skirmish, the PCs caught the dwarf, the one from the woods had returned, and the last one (again, not Quaz) was seen sitting on the bow of the sub. Each of the dwarfs seemed to have lost their wits.

Just then a ranger appeared, Ricky, a tall probably human woman. She explained she came from a camp of volcano scientists nearby and that they had a drug that could help with the feelings of paranoia and dread that the island seemed to cause on its residents. Ricky called in her drone copter and gave everyone a ride to the camp where some of the doctors treated the crew of The Harold.