Fenris Punk | Session 35 - Fishing for Fishing Boats

1 2021-02-21

I started going through old recaps. I have fixed the session numbering and have stub entries for everything. This wraps up consolidating my electronic files. Now I just have two paper notebooks to go through for the last few months.

2 2021-02-22

We met to talk, though we did not play. We decided to continue playing, even though some folks had come and gone. Thus, Session 35 will get pushed back a week or so.

3 Recap 2021-03-01

The group found themselves in the washroom of the Fenris Pub, deep within the Marine Arcology of Whittier, Alaska. A few at a time, Denzen first, they exited into a timeless pub lost somewhere in the 20th century amidst all sorts of anti-US and anti-Canadian propaganda. And at the bar, they looked to find Billy Ehm Gruff getting completely wasted on shots, still devastated from the loss of a meaningful and fulfilling job with Askkon Inc. Someone in the group certainly still has Billy's stolen access badge, somewhere on their person. Hopefully the authorities never find it.

But within moments of Ardric and Charles noticing the drunk office worker, a young male human dressed mostly in dark clothes slapped some cuffs on Billy. Denzen popped in at just that moment. Turns out the two of them knew each other from some previous job. In a series of awkward introductions and drinking Big Mac finally left the washroom (maybe after some needed privacy) and picked up the now inebriated Billy. "Where to?"

Seems like most of the party took some drinks to-go, completely legal in the arcology. The party then left for the main corridor, which for those of us without experience or the privilege of visiting an arcology, looked something like the inside of a large shopping mall. Large artificial lights beamed down from the ceiling, giving no indication of the time of day. Drones whizzed this way and that with parcels. And directly across the way from the Fenris Pub lay the nearby post office, presumably the location of Doctor Vance's stash mentioned in the recording left for Chief Tony.

Denzen took Big Mac took Billy to Garra's, Agent Smithereen's contact, to get information and collect any bounties. The rest of the group went to the post office. Locals call it the APOD.

Vince tagged along with Ardric and Charles. Upon investigation in the room full of brushed steel lock-boxes, they used the comlink found with Doctor Vance's body and it AR-highlighted the lock-box. While Ardric tried to figure out the PIN, Charles remembered, probably a little grenade told him. Inside they found:

And upon closer inspection, Vince found a piece of M-Paper, his first one. Ardric and Charles warned him to be careful with it until they could find out what it did.

By complete coincidence, Aran Nanoq strolled into the APOD. He locked the door from the inside to give a secure discussion. "Ah yes, Dorian, Roach, and Bilbo… where's Bilbo?" Aran agreed to pay as soon as he scouted Silvertower. Ardric handed him a burner with transfer details for the 100k payment…

After some quick shopping, especially for Charles who had been barfed on and incinerated twice, everyone had new clothes. They returned to Garra's Harold St Pub on Harbor Rd to meet up with Denzen. It happened to be a rather rowdy evening, being near the end of the fishing season. Everyone went upstairs to the rooms and conspiracy theorized about whether any of the fish these days were real or not, just soy-based clones, printed in farms… Denzen split Billy's bounty with Vince and handed over all of his mission-related evidence. "We've been compromised and we need to split up. I'll take Big Mac back to Seattle on the early airship out of Anchorage. The rest of you, take the case back via a chartered sub. Harold's Folly, Captain Harold."

Ardric started to feel sentimental and told Denzen to stay safe, handed over a burner phone, and headed down to the bar to drink a bottle of top shelf something or other.

"Sub leaves at 7:00 am sharp!"

The next morning, Ardric, Charles, and Vince woke up around 6am. A storm had rolled in. They huffed it to the docks to catch the sub, but were ambushed by Gary, the bounty hunter after Gavin. Three versus five, surrounded. Charles pulled out a frag grenade like a kid with a sugar-enriched juicebox. But instead of escalating, Charles kept them back while Ardric negotiated a 5k payoff for killing Gavin, which apparently had some monetarily detrimental effects for Gary and co. Ardric handed over another one of his many burner phones and Gary and the rest disappeared. Were they holograms or not?!

6:45, the group dashed for the sub. On the deck a very short, old, female dwarf waved at them to hurry themselves up, Captain Harold herself. Inside the sub, the air smelled of burning and pine air-freshener. Ardric sent out one last message: "AS, thanks for the coffin!"

Captain Harold ushered the group into the galley. The group was surprised to find out she was an android. And they didn't see another body, android or not. The captain returned to operations and the group sat around. And sat around. After a couple hours, the storm passed and they rose back to periscope depth. They sat around more. Until they started to get bored. Then around 9:45 pm, they hit something, or something hit them. The group scurried to the operations room where, as the sub surfaced, they saw a fire on the shore in the distance, and a series of fishing boats going away from it.