Fenris Punk | Session 34 - We Killed a Dragon Thing

1 Log


If you're hearing, it probably means I'm gone. I suspect someone, probably at Askkon or maybe even Daifin, if I've been double crossed, has had me killed in order to steal secret of the M-Paper I was working on with Dr Gavin Castle. I wouldn't rule him out, either. Gavin kept calling the M-Paper the MacGuffins. Don't turn your back on him. If left you something… You might need it… a hidden case in my Post Office Dropbox to heal yourself, but be careful because the first time exposure will knock you out for at least an hour. I used a Goya Elite Briefcase… I figured they were obscure enough that you wouldn't have one also and accidentally open up the wrong case with your old cyber eyes. You really need to get those replaced!

If you happen to… find what's left of me, my comlink will probably be valuable to both the Cascadian and Alaskan governments. If for some reason you get stuck in Silvertower, I've left a few M-Paper airplanes about the place that will transport you back to the The Fenris Pub inside the arcology, not far from my PO Dropbox.

-Doctor Vance