Fenris Punk | Session 31 - Docks of Whittier Arcology

1 Recap

We had a short session. Agent B couldn't make it, but Agent E and G had some good ideas… So here's the complete recap, picking up immediately where we left off:

2062-09-24, around 3:00 pm

While the group sneakily left out the NE dock along the water, they heard loud splashes and screams coming from the nearby docks, beyond the arcology. Ardric used his stealth suit and ran to the docks first, only to be knocked into the water by another android, this one much larger, nearly 12ft tall and fast. Ardric's cloaking deactivated and he struggled to get out of the water. The android picked him up. Denzen determined they had the same make and similar model as the previous ones from inside. Just then two more appeared, but Charles got natural 20s and blew them both in half by spitting two more sticks of the chewing gum at them. The androids continued to crawl forward. Denzen managed to get a nat20 on one of them, shutting it down with a headshot, but the other one turned and got away, rolling off into the ocean.

And that's where we'll pick up.