Fenris Punk | Session 30 - This One Died in the Bathroom

1 Recap

2062-09-24 1:45 pm, Anchorage, Alaska.

Ardric, Charles, and Denzen took a stole employee badge down to the lower levels of the arcology. As soon as they arrived, an explosion temporarily knocked out the elevators. They proceeded with caution, found some survivors huddled in an office, and continued to one of the main Askkon Inc suites, number 42 down at the end of the hallway.

They found a hole in the floor and dropped down another level where they had an encounter with two androids who seemed to have deactivated themselves to avoid capture. Then they found yet another body of the Mad Scientist and MacGuffin case in some kind of a rock processing lab. They eventually got one of the elevators working and headed back out.

To avoid capture, themselves, the group left the Whittier Marine Arcology, just as a group of fire fighters marched in.