Fenris Punk | Session 27 - Everyone Kills the Charleses

1 Recap

We picked up from last time when the group had returned to the HQ from Midgard's J-Tower (again). When they opened the door, another Charles shot the group's Charles in the head.

What followed was a confusing battle with Ardric, Denzen, three Charleses, Garra, two orks, and a troll. Later Sheriff Stanley joined the fight. Eventually they figured out who was the least worst Charles of the group.

Sheriff Stanley asks the PCs for help and offers a way to get home. He's been tracking some evil twins who appear to occassionally leave behind grease wherever they go. He has a long term use m-paper to detect the evil twins as well as another that will send them back to be taken into custody.

He says he has a way of tracking m-paper use, which lead him to the evil twin of Bendis. But he does not offer up sharing how he does.

He gives Ardric, Denzen, presumably-the-best Charles a detector which can be used up to 60ft and in combat using a prolonged action for 1 round with concentration. He also gives Ardric the bamf m-paper which will send the target touched back to the Sheriff's holding cell for questioning.

The PCs use Sheriff Stanley's m-paper to return themselves and the HQ back to Seattle. They arrive back in 2062 on September 23rd at 7:30 am, a few days into the future.