Fenris Punk | Session 26 - Charles Killed Charles

1 Log

2 Recap

After killing the MadSc, the group returned to the HQ. They found Bendis dead with three quils to the head lying dead in the bathroom. Also, it looked like someone stole all the gold.

Also, someone noticed an old pizza that Cendre had left in the refrigerator looks pretty moldy.

Charles, Denzen and Ardric went back to the tower. They noticed the person working the lobby had not left or cared to do anything about what happened earlier on the 20th floor. The group returned to the 20th floor to look around again.

Then they searched the 19th (lab storage) and 18th floors (quarters).

They group, Ardric, Charles, and Denzen returned to HQ around 11:00 am. When they opened the door they saw what looked like Charles standing inside fire a shot directly at Charles (standing outside) in the head.