Fenris Punk | Session 24 - Wild Goose Chase

1 Attendees

Agent E couldn't make it, so we played Ardric off stage.

2 Log

3 Recap

At around 4:30 am the same night, the party rescued the relatively scrawny ork accountant, Bendis the Accountant from the obelisk. Charles put a rigged explosive on Bendis to persuade the proper cooperation… So then while Ardric went invisible to go find Garra, Denzen and Charles went on a sneaky wild goose chase to find a bunch of riches and magical paper to send the group back to Seattle. The Sheriff of Midgard ambushed Denzen and Charles, but one frag grenade later they escaped. Making their way back to the larger stash of gold Bendis had in the warehouse, everyone regrouped except for Ardric. They later found Garra tied up at the obelisk and brought her back to HQ, currently under a hologram to look like a bunch of crates in the alley.

Then they got some messages:

Ardric - 5:30 am "I found XJammer!"

Denzen and Charles wondered who the heck cares about that. But then (this was supposed to be my midweek teaser that I forgot to send):

Ardric - 5:45 am "Sorry, auto correct… I found Charles!"