Fenris Punk | Session 22 - Shots Fired at the Seattle Center

1 Recap

1.1 2062-09-12 at 6:30 pm at Seattle Center

The fog/smoke drifts away as folks continue to flee the area.

From the sky a squad of SPD SWAT troopers drop down. They point their weapsons in various directions "securing" the area. After a few seconds, they scoop up the broken parts of the holodrones. A video message message from Agent Smithereens transmits to each of ye.

"Thanks for being the bait and leading us to these terrorists. I knew I liked Bernard."

People in the area start to quiet down, though most of left the park.

A second message, via text, appears. "Well, XJammer fans, I've found myself in another pickle. If I don't make it out, there's a bottle of Red Hacker Wiskey in Big Cheese's stash at the Void Room with yer name on it."

XJammer's auto response message: "I'm getting drunk, out of the office until 10/1. Talk to BC."

Zuko appeared to be arrested by the SPD.

So the group decided to head to the Void Room to follow the lead from XJammer's message. Ardric ordered a platter of drinks. Charles saw a bunch of drones. Denzen hanged back to observe.

Ardric got a little drunk talking w/ Big Cheese. He heard something about wiring 150 credits to an old orc woman who doesn't live in Underett.

After that, the group left the Void Room to return to HQ via Taxi Beyond. Ardric deployed a drone to keep eyes in the air. They made it back around 1:30 am and snoozed until morning.

1.2 2062-09-13 at 7:00 am at HQ

Someone's alarm wakes everyone up. For the next two hours they clean up and make generic yeast-brand kaffi. Ardric looks at the encrypted copies of "The Life of Mr Interesting" and the Mad Scientists notes stolen from the Daifin Group Building. Both are going to take some brute force concentration, probably over a few days to crack.

They also had the case they lifted from Little Prince at Stanley Park, presuming it was the same one that Cendre and Zuko had attempted to deliver for Big Cheese, assuming that was also the same one that they had originally stolen from Big Mac.

By noon the group had surveiled the HQ inside and out to make sure no one was watching. Ardric opened the case. Nothing happened. But something happened. There's no signal for the matrix.