Fenris Punk | Session 20 - Collecting the Bounty

1 Recap

The group took the lift from Underett back to the surface of Everett. They handed over Little Prince for 100k to a group acting as Everett police, but clearly they were hiding something. Zuko drove the party back to Seattle where they rested at HQ and met XJammer at the Void Room.

2062-09-12 at 7:00 am at their Seattle HQ.

XJammer gave some vague details about Chief Tony's briefcase, and said they should look into what happened to Big Mac's briefcase, last seen with Zuko and Cendre en route to Vancouver, BC. The group followed the trail to Stanley Park where they explored the abandoned aquarium and caught the tail end of a shootout with, who else, but Little Prince, alive and well.