Fenris Punk | Session 17 - Welcome to Underett

1 Meta

I think this was our last inperson game of 2020. The remaining happened over video calls.

2 Log 2020-03-09 Underett

3 Recap

Underett, City under the Seattle Sprawl.

The group explored the city of Underett after Little Prince destroyed the lift back up to the surface at the Space Hams' safe house. Drag Tuck reported they found Wiglaf fishing down the creek he'd fallen into and Mary Mazer was still repairing the gunship.

Underett was an old cold war bunker that the US sold off to megacorps who cashed in on fear of Apophis in the 2020s. Over time, the colonists formed their own government. But in the 2050s, Daifin decided they wanted to cash in again. Little Prince sold out the Space Hams, among other things, and became a blackmarket trader and contact for Daifin into the city.

When the PCs arrived at the city, the entire place has locked down from topside and the other underground colonies. Ardric contacted Agent Smithereens who only said they were stuck for now and to stand by. All exits now have paramilitary guards stationed.

After speaking to some locals and exploring some of the local shops, the PCs made a new contact Garra the junk dealer who sent the group on a few errands to pick up beer. They found out that magic users were coming down with some illness that was leaving them with severe hallucinations and vertigo, dubbed Always AR Syndrome, or "AARS". Non-magic seem nearly unaffected.

Rumour had it that Little Prince might have contracted AARS. Garra said she would help the PCs get out of Underett, but only after they defeated a group of Thugless Inc who had setup shop in the local pub. >=)

4 Level 5

4.1 Ardric

NOTE: You now get to attack twice per action.

Archetype Level Prof Bonus ArchetypeFeatures
Technomancer 1 +2 Unarmored Defense, Martial Arts
Technomancer 2 +2 Cache(1), Unarmored Movement
Technomancer 3 +2 TechnoPath(1), CyberWhat(1)
Technomancer 4 +2 AbilityScoreImprovement(1)
Technomancer 5 +3 FastExit

4.1.1 Cache(1)

While online, can cast any spell, cantrip, ki, etc up to the levels of Technomancer, per slot. But when offline can cast any of the last x used spells, per slot. (x is 1 for Cache(1))

4.1.2 CyberWhat(1)

Near field distruption within 2. Attackers with cyberware have disadvantage as long as the player can move.

4.1.3 FastExit

Safely, but not necessarily securely, exit the Web as a reaction.

4.1.4 Quantum Sense

Quantum Mechanic PathFeatures

Caster gains automatic success for Insight or Perception checks within 1. Twice per short rest.

4.2 Charles

NOTE: You now get to attack twice per action.

Archetype Level Prof Bonus ArchetypeFeatures
Street Samurai 1 +2 Fighting Style, Second Wind
Street Samurai 2 +2 Action Surge(1)
Street Samurai 3 +2 Martial Archetype
Street Samurai 4 +2 AbilityScoreImprovement(1)
Street Samurai 5 +3 MissedMe

4.2.1 MissedMe

Use a reaction to automatically dodge any non-magical projectile/explosion. Once per long rest.

4.2.2 Suppressive Fire

Gunslinger PathFeatures

Concentrated attack for 1 turn with an FA weapon. Spend FA ammo. Movement becomes 1. All actions become reactions for anything crossing the line of fire. Enemies in front and within 1 of the line of fire have disadantage.

4.3 Denzen

NOTE: You now get to attack twice per action.

Archetype Level Prof Bonus ArchetypeFeatures
Bounty Hunter 1 +2 Rage(1), Unarmored Defense, Dual Fire
Bounty Hunter 2 +2 Reckless Attack, Danger Sense
Bounty Hunter 3 +2 Rage(2), Skilled Hunter, Primal Path
Bounty Hunter 4 +2 AbilityScoreImprovement(1)
Bounty Hunter 5 +3 Bonk

4.3.1 Bonk

Throw a non-leathal object at target to make them Incapacitated for 1 round. Target must get CON Save 15 + thrower's prof bonus. Once per short rest.

4.3.2 Dual Fire

Fire similar weapons in each hand at same time at the same target for +5 to the total roll.

4.3.3 Skilled Hunter

Gain advantage on all proficient skills when not in combat.