Fenris Punk | Session 15 - Fighting Pike Place and the Space Hams are Dead

1 Log 2020-02-03

smoke DC 15 disadvantage to move

2 Recap

The Space Hams are dead and oh look a gunship!

Last time the group fought their way out of Pike Place Market. A group of police issue combat drones attacked everyone while trying to enjoy a morning whiskey with sushi with new possible friend Drag Tuck. But further into the fight, the drones killed 3 (I think it was 3 of the 4… sorry been a month!) of the cops. Upon quick investigation of some of the wreckage, one of them had >=) marks. Agent Smithereens arrived near the end of the battle in heavy combat armour and escorted his surviving officer back to HQ.

Drag took the group to the Space Hams home base to find the boat blown out and only one survivor, Red Mazer. They then took the boat, still functional, up to the Everett safe house where they found one person hiding in the building warning them to get the hell out. Not a moment later, a >=) gunship ambushed them and Wiglaf jumped onto the front of it.