Fenris Punk | Session 14 - Daifin Group Tower 2

1 Recap

Denzen looted the mad scientist and Ardric set a wipe trap in the computers. Wiglaf shared his griffon wings with the fellow dwarfs, XJammer and Denzen. Wiglaf tied a lab coat on, becoming slightly less naked Tazan-like than before.

On the way down, XJammer provided recon for the current state of the ground floor. Whatever was going on had nothing to do with the original plan. A large group of SPD combat drones had surrounded the mech, who at her feet lay several presumed dead FD NPCs.

The group made their way around the far side from the mech, hoping to slip by the one drone in the area. It allowed them to slip by, but as soon as most of the group passed, a giant elf broke through a wall and threw Sammy across the floor. The mech cried out "Draaaag!" and bolted to meet him. Drag's eyes looked dazed and mindless.

Denzen helped Sammy back up and Sammy pulled Denzen back out of the way of the major battle. The two of them conveniently ran to the ambulance right in front of them.

Wiglaf punched Drag in a very sensitive area and climbed up on top of him before being thrown farther than Sammy had been.

Ardric used his mystical healing powers to heal and restore XJammer's arm and the two of them ran to the ambulance.

The combination of seeing the mech and Wiglaf and Ardric's cries snapped Drag back out of his berserk and he returned to "normal" size. The group drove off just as they saw the mech make quick scrap metal of two of the drones.

XJammer requested the group drive to a specific location, some docks on Puget Sound. Charles and Wiglaf raided the ambulance and Denzen dumped it into the sound along with all the disguises. Wiglaf took a stimpatch. Big Cheese an Puck arrived and it looked like XJammer handed over something. Big Cheese paid the group and XJammer advocated for Wiglaf and gave him a comlink with presumably a large sum. Big Cheese and Puck vanished, holograms again! And XJammer ran off.

After a twenty minute walk in the rain, the group made it to Pike's Place and sat down in a tent-covered sushi bar. Ardric ordered a very elaborate straight-up glass of whiskey. Then in walked a bloodied elf. Drag had found the group! "I shrank myself and just hitched a ride with you the whole time." Charles healed Drag and the only other customer ran off while the bartender shook their head an drank a shot of whiskey.

"Red Wilma didn't make it" lamented Drag.

And then two combat drones came knockingā€¦