Fenris Punk | Session 13 - Daifin Group Tower

1 Recap

As soon as XJammer set off the diversion, a group of SPD ran in. Denzen joined the group, disguised in the SPD suit given from Agent Smithereens. They continued running inside, making their way to a room on the far side of the ground floor.

A smaller group of firefighters ran in behind Ardric, Sammy, and Charles, conveniently massing a group of five. But before anything else could happen, an explosion rocked the building and a mech fell down from the ceiling. The mech yelled at one of the real FDs:

"Traitor! Have you seen what they've done to us!"

It sounded like a young woman, but no one could see her face in the mech, a modified industrial suit with custom weapons on each arm. The police kept running ahead, ignoring the mech. During the skirmish, Sammy was temporarily KO'ed while the mech tossed the FD back and forth the front lobby. Noticing the mech only cared about the real firefighter, the PCs walked around the violence. Ardric tried reasoning with the mech, but only found out that she was looking for her comrade Drag Tuck.

Denzen made it to the elevator and joked with the real SPD about their objective. He tried to go up without the rest of the group, but XJammer sent the elevator back down. "I think I want more backup than just you when you get up here."

Everyone finally made it to the elevator and up to the 15th floor.

When the elevator doors opened and the smell of death and hot air filled the elevator like a sauna. Thankfully everyone still had their FD/SPD. Outside the doors, in front of the elevator sat a brown-green blob, dripping what looks like water on the floor. Everything was quiet and the only light came from the inside of the elevator.

XJammer send a message, and a floor layout for recon.

"Thanks for stopping by! Most of the fun is over, but man did we party. I have one hell of a hangover and I think everyone else does too, so you might want to be quiet. Watch out for anything that looks like a pudding. I'm over here."

Denzen found a flamethrower in an office. Maybe it would come in handy…

It almost seemed too good to be true, but the group made it through two locked doors to a side corridor with a locked utility closet. Out stepped XJammer, bloodied and missing his left arm.

"Before we leave we need to kill the mad scientist behind all this."

The PCs agreed to hunt down this mad scientist, across the floor in the operating theater. XJammer stayed back and prepared to restore power and door access to the floor while the PCs got ready to ambush the dark figure. With the lights on, a winged figure began snickering and talking aloud to the PCs, seemingly aware that they had had some exposure to the contents of the cases. "You've used my work." Perhaps the mad scientist had experimented on themselves as well.

Down in the operating room, Ardric attempted to talk down the mad scientist unsuccessfully while Denzen used a Zapper Riot Cage TM to hold the mad scientist. Outside the operating room next to Ardric, a cybernetically enhanced griffon with toxic breath tried to put up a fight, but failed over and over again. A blade-winged "cyberangel" sneaked up behind Charles near the entrance to the operating theater's auditorium, but he made quick scrap of her. But another sprouted up from nowhere near Sammy, who used the doors for cover.

Charles and Denzen continued to fight the mad scientist. Denzen disabled the cage still attempting to capture them alive, but the mad scientist would have none of it. Charles blew her head off.

Suddenly, a small creature erupted from the head of the mad scientist. Denzen torched it with the flamethrower and it ran back out into the theater lobby. Charles ran around to stop it and XJammer vapourized it with his rifle.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the theater, an insane and slimy dwarf ran into the battle and attacked the griffon, eventually pulling both its wings off. Ardric finished off the second cyberangel.

XJammer would go on to explain that he though Wiglaf had died earlier and he wouldn't have made it without his help. Another quake shook the building, this time for nearly five seconds. The PCs decided to get out asap. Suboptimally, the only apparent way out being the lifts they came in on.