Fenris Punk | Session 10 - The Boeing Factory Ruins

1 Recap

Last week the group got a phone call from XJammer. He gave the group a location and told them they needed to investigate, possibly to find the missing Cendre and Zuko. Still under the assumption that Big Cheese would pay for helping XJammer, the group agreed. They stocked up on supplies, especially Ardric who ordered a drone and some grenades via drone deliveries.

Ardric, Charles, and Denzen drove the van to the address at the old Boeing factor in Renton, now owned an abandoned by Daifin. The place looked like a junkyard, everything fallen into disrepair after maglev trains (and airships for colder regions) put the airline industry out of business.

Exploring the area, the group saw a large fountain in the distance with what looked like someone tied up and struggling in the water.

Ardric's drone order arrived and he got a better view of the area. Then the group skirmished with several waves of combat androids and finally a mysterious magic user, who looked like a heavily armoured elf or possibly ork. But as she fell to death, she dropped an explosive that left nothing but pink mist, her boots, and scraps of cloth.

Covered in the blood of the magic user, Charles opened fire on a nearby dumpster, thinking it might contain another enemy, but it turned out to be Cendre. Searching the area, another dumpster had Zuko. Both looked like they were in bad shape and neither could remember what had happened. Perhaps they were drugged, maybe they were tortured?

Cendre had a strong urge to go back to look over the remains of the magic user. He found a piece of plush, deep red cloth, without a spot of blood and not a singed thread or fiber. On he found the underside the markings: >=)

Meanwhile Ardric had sent his new drone flying high up to survey the area. It detected several heat signatures around the ruins and wreckage. Getting closer to one of the larger heat signatures, the now obviously humanoid shape ran out of their hiding spot, jumped onto a motorcycle, and sped off.

The group then carefully made their way back to the van. Luckily they had a bad feeling, and before they got too close, an explosive detonated the van.

2 Teaser

Breaking News: DA Found Dead at the Polar Nanoq Restaurant

Uploaded 2062 September 10th, Saturday by Adaku Smith, KING 5.2099 News

DISTRICT Attorney Takata Honda was found dead just earlier this afternoon in the restroom of the 5-Star Polar Nanoq Restaurant near city hall. Police have not released any additional details about the DA. No other injuries have been reported.

Anon. Officer: "Our officers have spread themselves extremely thin. When we know more, we will make a formal announcement."

In other possibly related news, explosions continue to rock the Seattle Police Department for the second day in a row. Many believe the two to be related, but SPD has yet to comment. However, the incident has sparked controversy within public staff members.

Fire Marshal: "Our FD has the talent and means to pick up the pieces where the SPD has failed to uphold the safety of our city."