Fenris Punk | Session 09 - The Void Room, Again

1 Big Mac's Comlink and the Void Room

Still the same morning of the attack on the SPD, PCs Ardric, Denzen, and Charles received an email from Big Mac's contact while recovering at HQ. All the characters by this time feeling exhausted but determined to get to the bottom of things, headed to the Void Room to meet the anonymous person.

Upon arrival at the Void Room, Denzen found a bounty on a previously known criminal ork hacker "Super Big Jerk" (SBJ). Denzen noticed SBJ currently had a 40k bounty (preferably dead rather than alive ) for cracking into Daifin. With the continued references to Daifin Group from the police station attack to the MacGuffins, Denzen insisted that SBJ hand over any details about getting past Daifin security in case they needed it later. SBJ felt threatened but willing to do whatever Denzen wanted as long as it meant not the bounty. Charles did his best to intimidate SBJ and though he didn't manage to scare SBJ, it distracted him long enough so that Ardric was able to setup a countdown trigger so that if he didn't cooperate, the authorities would know to look for him at the Void Room.

Our heroes continued to search around the Void Room for their contact related to Big Mac's comlink. Eventually they figured out it was Big Cheese again. She offered them 100k total which Charles negotiated up to 130k. But then after agreeing to the terms, Big Cheese and her mob of combat drones forced our heroes into a VR game to unlock Big Mac's encryption via a backdoor that he had left behind in case he ever had to rely on Big Cheese for help. Everyone reluctantly joined the game and Big Cheese took the comlink while the group played the game.

The VR game was a survival game where infinite rounds of undead vikings attack and respawn with the occasional necromancer. Eventually the heroes figured out the secret to winning by occupying the center of respawn, eg the enemy's base.

Big Cheese paid up and then vanished. She was never actually present at the Void Room, only a hologram.

After Big Cheese left, the PCs spoke with SBJ again to find out what he'd retrieved for them. SBJ begged for mercy in his own way and spilled the beans that his fame for cracking in Daifin was actually due to his contact on the inside and not due to any particularly clever security workaround. SBJ said his contact goes by the alias "Other Big Jerk" on the web and that they could contact them directly. Denzen got SBJ's word that they could call on him if they needed more help and SBJ agreed since anything seemed better than dying from a bounty.

The PCs then returned to HQ to get some needed rest.

1.1 Summary