Fenris Punk | Session 08 - Escape to North Seatac Park

1 Dear Players 2019-11-04

Thanks to everyone who played. Our recent game we technically finished off the end of Chapter 7 and made it partially through Chapter 8. So, next time we will see more of Chapter 8.

At this point, it will become more and more difficult to keep the two groups unaware of the unfolding of the plot, so possible minor spoilers ahead for PCs Zuko and Cendre. However, I plan to continue to keep Zuko and Cendre's events secret until they rejoin.

2 Playtest 8

2.1 Escape from SPD

PCs Ardric, Denzen, and Charles boarded the tram to Seatac to escape the insane plan to vacuum out all the air from the floors with blazing fire at the SPD. Just like folks living in California during the 2010s might meet private fire fighters, all types of public services have become privatised by the 2060s.

Passengers aboard the tram included Smithereens, the three PCs, an unnamed SPD rigger in the control room, a paramedic, and the two officers who had fought along side the PCs during the shootout in the SPD of which one had been severely wounded.

Agent Smithereens, fed up with working overtime and the disaster waiting upon his return, delegated some of the work and temporarily deputised the PCs due to a lack of staffing. He then disappeared to the control room.

So the PCs decided to question the survivors, particularly the wounded officer, Agent X45611, who had been shot four times in the chest. Ardric asked if the paramedic if there was anything he could do to help to which the paramedic said he had done all he could with painkillers and welcomed any help. Ardric swiped the private cryptokeys of Agent X45611.

Denzen gave Ardric a medkit, readily available onboard the tram and while administering it, an orange glow passed from Ardric to Agent X45611. Immediately, Agent X45611 began to feel better, his bullet wounds healed, though the effects from the painkillers still causing a massive high. The paramedic thought he had met a very powerful mage, regardless of Ardric's denial of magic abilities.

Agent Smithereens exited the control room, asking for an explanation. But before any real conversation, the other officer in the passenger section drew his weapon and attempted to fire at Smithereens in the back of the head. What happened next was a series of blunders that only could have been upstaged by cowboys ricocheting shots off tin cans and spooking horses. It took the entire group to wrestle down the hostile officer. But as soon as they did, he bit a suicide tablet. The PCs took off the helmet of the dead body and Agent X45611 said the man wasn't his coworker. The PCs also took a glimpse at Agent X45611's face to verify, successfully, that he was not also an impostor.

2.2 North Seatac Park

The PCs, suspicious of what else might trap them had the tram stop temporarily. They found out that an unusually large force of 80 officers was waiting for them at the other end of the tunnel. This news set off suspicions for all the PCs as well as the SPD rigger. They decided to exit the tunnel via one of the escape hatches which led them out into North Seatac Park.

Agent Smithereens had securely controlled the PCs' van to the edge of the park, as well as an undisclosed SPD vehicle. But while leaving the park, the group was ambushed by snipers. After several minutes of crawling around in the bushes, the group took out three (or four if you believe the SPD) >=) drones. But during the ambush, the SPD rigger and the paramedic had both been hit hard by sniper fire. The PCs figured out that they each had the ability to heal severe injuries, probably from the case XJammer had opened the night before back at their HQ.

The PCs parted ways from the SPD officers and headed back to their HQ in the van. Soon after they received a message from the address Big Mac gave them. "Meet me at the void room".