Fenris Punk | Session 07 - SPD Attacked Twice

1 Session 7 as told by XJammer

Ahoy, punks! I just caught this audio stream so I thought I would forward it. Cendre and Zuko need to stay in the loop… yeah, I know all about all of you.

Watch your backs! >=) might be closer than you think! - XJammer

———- Forwarded message ——— Subject: Ears Only Libre Channelz Broadcast

Do not attempt to reload your browser. This is a Libre Channelz broadcast. This video hack will last exactly 60 seconds. It cannot be tracked, it cannot be aborted, and it is the last free signal in Seattle.

Sunday the 10th of September 2062

Early this morning at 1:39 am and later at 5:39 am, the Seattle Police Department were attacked twice by Secure Ascii Face Emergencies, also known as SAFE, a smaller company of mercenary contractors branded by their love for emoticons. They were hired by the Daifin Group to disrupt building security for the purpose assassinating one of their own employees rather than risk losing corporate secrets.

The first attack involved a flash mob terrorist attack which flooded the first floor of the station, destroying most of the internal security. Two officers lost their lives, several others were wounded. The mod left none of their own casualties behind and no arrests were made. Paramedics and contractors arrived shortly after.

The second attack happened exactly four hours later. This time, uniformed troopers stormed the station. The main guard on duty suffered a ruptured napal tank and exploded setting the building on fire. Within 10 minutes firefighters arrived to contain the blaze.

Daifin plans to contract additional staff to the SPD in order to tighten their grasp on the city. They also will not stop until they have secured their jailed employee. They may already have moles, waiting. Daifin must be stopped, or our city will never have justice.