Fenris Punk | Session 06 - Eight Dead in Woodland Park

1 Session 6

Light recap via the in-universe news from last night's game, 9/23. I have purposefully withheld a few details in case we ever get to RP the group reuniting. Also, I've explicitly chosen dates, so if we have to retcon something, let me know.

1.1 Eight Dead Including Four Officers, Woodland Park

Uploaded 2062 September 9th, Saturday by Adaku Smith, KING 5.2099 News

POLICE in the Green Lake neighbourhood have launched a folkhunt after multiple killings thought to have been sparked by an argument over gang territory, which lead to 4 dead officers, 4 dead suspects, and several injuries, and an explosion which sent a wake-up call to folks miles around.

It started with a group of Ork Supremacists beating to death two supplemental security guards patrol. One witness, 27-year-old Lee Wai, city employee described the scene as horrific.

Wai: "It was horrific!"

Reporter: "Can you tell us about the events leading up to it?"

Wai: "I start my shift each morning at a different city location. This morning I stopped by because somebody'd vandalized all of our maintenance drones and tipped the garbage bins. I just don't get it, who would want to just go around breaking random drones? They didn't just do the usual paint and tags. They tore these apart."

Reporter: "And then you heard the blast?"

Wai: "It was horrific, like I said. I heard it, but not all my surveil tools had come back online. But I operate an Aramko M22 Mech, so I could take some abuse if some gangs messed with me. I charged in there, and saw parts of those two kids. I think they were both younger than me."

Reporter: "What did you do then?"

Wai: "Well, I was pretty sure I saw someone running away, so I chased after them, but lost them."

Less than an hour later, just after 7:30 am, another group of supplemental security officers were attacked again. This time, innocent bystanders were involved. Two more officers lost their lives along with one other suspect. No bystanders received any injuries.

Anon. Officer: "It's a miracle none of the bystanders received any injuries."

Police are warning members of the public not to use the park for the rest of the week while they continue searching for another gang member who they believe is armed and and may have information related to the killings.

1.2 Level 3

Welcome to level 3! I will work on updating the Bounty Hunter and refining the Technomancer tonight.

Okay, so quick recap from last time to supplement the IU news report. Denzen and Ardric received a message at 3:00 am from XJammer asking to meet at Woodland Park at 6:30 am. So hours later, the three reunited and XJammer described an old computer called a Commodore 64 with something necessary for opening up the MacGuffin. XJammer gave the general location in the park for of the entrance, to the hideout where he last saw the old computer. Along the way they encountered an employee from the city, two security guards, and then a few thugs along the way. Ardric caused a ruckus in the bushes near the security guards, but they let him go when Ardric didn't fit the description of the thugs they were after. Moments later, the actual thugs ambushed and killed the security guards. Denzen launched a grenade and wiped out the thugs. Then, the heroes ran to the elevator location, hidden by magic. The city employee thought he saw something and chased after, but lost the trail.

In the bunker, a secret old communications and supply bunker from the Cold War, the heroes searched for XJammer's missing drone, on guard duty. Suffering from a massive hangover, XJammer mentally checked out and sent some of his micro-drones out to fix the lighting, which had lost power. Denzen and Ardric searched the bunker, eventually coming into contact with what they thought was XJammer's drone gone feral, but actually turned out to be a large wild animal of some kind of magical nature, a dire bear. The heroes searched the rest of the bunker until they found the remains of the drone, along with the C64.

Denzen, Ardric, and XJammer with the C64 left the bunker through the front entrance, disguised non-magically as a sewer grate. The group heard some sirens. More security guards! Ardric hid in some bushes. Denzen stashed his grenade launcher and he and XJammer casually walked towards the edge of the park to XJammer's ride. The security guards let them pass. Suddenly, another group of thugs attacked the security guards. But they never stood a chance, and though both the security guards and thugs took casualties, this time also they had survivors. All surviving thugs were arrested.

Back at HQ, Denzen and Ardric recovered while XJammer worked on cracking the case. He was just opening it when we called it for the night!

(OOU, the dire bear had made the bunker its home, but it hadn't necessarily anything to do with the destruction of XJammer's drone).

Again, welcome to level 3!

I will level up Cendre and Zuko as soon as they show up again. But in the mean time, they have a really short bit that I might still let them play from their last session. Otherwise, I will fast-forward them to meetup with the group again.

I get most of my libre plans for 3D from thingiverse. Take a look through the tanks: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=tank&dwh=985d4468c45c382