Fenris Punk | Session 05 - The Void Room

1 Session 5

Sorry for the long delay on getting this out. This recap is from 8/26. With the new job I'm actually still working the old one too…

A note in advance, I'm looking at notes from what I had planned to run last time, what actually happened, and what improvement notes I took. So if I get something completely wrong, please let me know. There were a few minor, but very clever acts from the PCs that required I improvize a few changes along the way. Also, pardon the tense/person grammatical changes. I just want to get this out.


During the same time that Zuko and Cendre went to Vancouver BC by train, Denzen and Ardric received another call from Agent Smithereens with the news about someone who Chief Tony was trailing before he died…

He said: "We got a delayed transmission from Chief Tony that a person of interest, Mr Interesting, was last scene entering the void room. We need someone to follow Mr Interesting into the void room. Minimal money this time, only 5k each, but I can offer you both an XSS-11 Phase Rifles, to be returned after the mission."

The Void Room opened and has since made a profit as a hangout for hackers and spies tend to gather. Seattle Police have a one-way portal to the entrance of the bar. Denzen and Ardric took the portal and a police drone tagged along.

The Void Room seemed like a typical, darkly lit bar with a bouncer at the front entrance. They had no specific trouble entering, but felt like someone was watching their every move. The drone waited in the lobby.

Patrons move in and out and drone deliver drinks. The only physical, fleshy person working looked like Bar Tender. Big Mac (the person from whom Cendre stole the first MacGuffin) and Big Cheese have a private conversation at the back of the establishment. An infamous hacker named XJammer sits near the front with a few other patrons. Ardric noticed some of these folks are probably criminals, but nothing worth breaking away from the mission.

Denzen and Ardric made subtle contact with XJammer via the matrix and waited for something to change between Big Cheese and Big Mac. Eventually Big Mac left. After some negociation with Big Cheese face to face and XJammer online, our heroes strike a deal that will lead them to where to find Mr Interesting.

But as the heroes go to speak to XJammer in person, Big Mac and a Mechanized Gob(lin) attack. Our friend Bar Tender (probably wearing a red shirt) died. In the skirmish, the mech broke down and Big Mac, somewhat drunk, falls to the floor in defeat. The Seattle PD drone entered the bar, finally, and took Big Mac under arrest.

There are a few other notes from here that I'm going to omit at this point so the players can RP the news to each other. And depending on who can show up tomorrow will affect what we do next. I had more plans for both Chapter 4 and 5 to go longer, so if the group remains split, I will continue those branches of the story. Otherwise, I can gracefully do a fast-forward and get the group back together and just fill everyone in as to what happened.