Fenris Punk | Session 04 - Take the Train

1 Playtest 4, Take the Train

During the same afternoon that Denzen and Ardric returned from the wreckage of the airship, Big Cheese hired Cendre and Zuko to take the MacGuffin to Vancouver via a maglev express. After arriving, they would get information about where and to whom to take the MacGuffin. She placed the MacGuffin securely inside a HoverDrone and gave the party a lift directly to the train station. She had already purchased tickets to take the 5:00pm maglev express from Seattle to Vancouver BC. ETA 5:55pm.

The party settled in their sleeper car, the last car of five trailing the engine. Shortly into the trip, Big Cheese sent a message to the group: "The train has been highjacked, but I'm not sure who did it. Make your way to the engine car to assess the situation." She added that if searched by security, they might lose the MacGuffin and their money. So Zuko, Cendre, and the drone controlled by Cendre decided to make their way to the other end of the train.

The train was mostly full of business folks, but a grifter asking for money sold his coat to Zuko and followed the group for several cars. In Coach 1, Cendre said "bomb" and acted pointing a gun in the back of Mr Conductor and nearly caused a scene. Next, in the Business Car, two trolls who were told to wait their turn to use the toilet (because racism) caused a scare when they demanded the party move aside and let them pass. Zuko set off a smoke spell while Cendre and one of the trolls roughed each other up.

Finally in the dining car, the party witnessed the cause of the panic, Big Troll, kill the bartender. With no other witnesses, Big Troll decided to engage into combat along with his war hound drone. After several rounds of fighting, Mr Conductor showed up and deployed his security drones and destroyed the other drone, but Zuko was able to convince him that they were friendly this time. Big Troll fled to the engine car and then Cendre killed him before he could finish placing the bomb on the train. Mr Conductor's security drones grabbed the bomb and exited via an escape hatch with only moments to spare before it detonated.