Fenris Punk | Session 03 - Search the Wreckage

1 Playtest 3, Search the Wreckage

Seattle PD drone office Agent Smithereens hired Denzen and Ardric to investigate an airship crash at SEATAC, with the original flight planned from Anchorage to Seattle. Before the airship landed an explosion killed or hospitalized all or most of the crew and passengers. Aboard the airship, retired Chief Ocsir B Tony was bringing something back of immense importance to the Seattle PD.

Denzen and Ardric took an underground train directly to the airport, accompanied by drones, mostly about the size of a toaster. They surveyed the wreckage while the drones took forensic data. Eventually they figured out that two folks did not end up among the dead or hospitalized, one was a passenger and the other was of the crew, Lt Plato. When they finally made it to the bridge, they fought a combat mage dressed in riot gear who EMPed the drones. During the skirmish, another person showed up with a stun carbine and attacked everyone around. Denzen and Ardric defeated the combat mage, the missing passenger. The second person reveiled themselves as Lt Plato, held up in the sickbay's tiny bathroom.

Denzen and Ardric continued to search the wreckage and found the hidden possessions of Chief Tony, a case that looked identical to the one that our heroes delivered to Big Cheese. They delivered their report to Agent Smithereens and kept the case a secret.