Fenris Punk | Session 02 - Office Surprise Party

1 Playtest 2, Surprise Office Party

Our team drove back to the office building and after the driver cleared the security checks and parked, he left the group. Cendre, badly injured, remained in the van to rest.

Ardric, Zuko, and Denzen headed up to the 19th floor of an office building. Security A and B greeted them at the elevator, then Security A led them down to the office of Big Cheese. Ardric and Denzen waited in the hall with Security A. Zuko went into the office and presented the MacGuffin.

Just then, an armed group, Paramilitary C blocked both ends of the hallway and started firing. Security A fell without a fight, but Security B took out one of the Paramilitary C. Eventually our team all took cover in Big Cheese's office behind the desk, and gradually picked off the rest of Paramilitary C.

Zuko completed the exchange with Big Cheese, but not before failing to negociate additional payment for acting as bodyguards for whatever the MacGuffin might have contained. Our team exited the building and left in the van.