Fenris Punk | Session 01 - Steal the MacGuffin

1 Playtest 1, Steal the MacGuffin

Big Cheese hired the team and provided a grumpy but competent driver for their van.

In the early afternoon on a cloudy day in July, a van dropped off Zuko and Cendre in a busy downtown area to obtain the briefcase held by "Big Mac" by whatever means. As they approached, a not-so-well-dressed dwarf, Bystander A followed Zuko down the street. Cendre split off and circled back to tail Bystander A. A group of rent-a-cops, Thugs C, followed Cendre. Zuko walked through an extrnal passage way under the middle of one of the buildings and used a [SPELLNAME] to distract Bystander A. Then he entered the cafe, full of customers. Bystander A asked for help, and Zuko told him to go into the corner of the cafe. Meanwhile, Cendre approached Thugs C, to exchange words, but the group passed him by while one told him to leave the problem to them. Just as Thugs C, surrounded the cafe from both sides, Bystander B, a mechanized drone window washer operator jumped down from one of the buildings, killing one and mortally injuring another of Thugs C. Bystander B continued into the passage towards the cafe to attack the remaining members of Thugs C. Zuko and Bystander B killed all but one of Thugs C from the cafe. This left two survivors from Thugs C, who retreated.

Meanwhile, Cendre engaged in close melee with Big Mac, who nearly clobbered Cendre to death with his warhammer, though Cendre snatched the MacGuffin. But during the struggle, Agent D appeared and Big Mac fled the scene.

Bystander A and B left together.

Zuko and Cendre returned to the van with the MacGuffin.

2 Preliminary Character Creation Rules

Early on in July through September 2020, we used the following rules based on existing game systems:

2.1 Choose Being

2.2 Choose Class

2.2.1 Combat Mage

2.2.2 Bounty Hunter

2.2.3 Street Samurai

2.2.4 Technomancer

2.3 Calculate Ability Scores

Standard distribution: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

Then modify by the Being and Class.

2.4 Choose Background

The SRD only has Acolyte.

2.5 Choose Cyberware

2.6 Choose Equipment