Fenris Punk | Progress Report

1 What's been happening?

Let's not pretend that 2021 has been an easy year.

From mid-July until August, Agent Grenade took over as the ref. We ended on a cliffhanger and I have not posted the log notes from those sessions. We have since taken an extended break from the playtests due to each of us going through life changes, hardships, etc.

2 New static-site generator

I have started migrating to a new ssg, based on the one used in forgefed's website, also applied to the Peers Community website. The current site will probably see some bumps in stray formatting over the next few days while I finish up the migration. The main breaking changes are to code blocks, the sitemap, and the page table of contents.

3 The tools repo

Back in April, which feels like a lifetime ago, I started working on the text to tiles to map generator. But I think I am going to put that on the back burner so I can create some kind of character sheet generator using the table data and the game rules. Implementing the game rules, probably in python, will give me a chance to verify the game behaviour and look for ways to abstract the rules for use with single dice or dice pools.

After that I might take a look at PlanarAlly.

4 References