Fenris Punk | More work on the website

1 Minor updates

The world continues to live through a pandemic and contested democratic elections in several countries around the world…

For me, I'd like to keep the dystopia in the game… I added some more details about the universe and reorganized the website. Most pages remain stubs. I need to refactor some of the campaign pages by removing setting details and playtest notes.

I also would like to continue removing as many trademark phrases as possible. The idea behind drain, glitches, or malfunctions when casting magic could get a new name as well as the term for side effects from too much cyberware. I would also like to remove all OGA content so we do not have any issues with licensing. Data in a table or even an exhaustive truth table should be fine, but the actual names should go away, such as the spell names or magic item or weapon names, unless it has a name so common removing it would just cause confusion, such as "short sword".