Fenris Punk | Working on roadmap items, mainly archetypes

Given feedback from players and others, I have updated and changed some character creation rules. I generally spend just a few minutes a day working on the rules, but I try to keep working on it, regularly. Some terms have changed along the way. Since Fenris Punk focuses on multi-archetype leveling, I moved some level-up features into the CharacterLevels table and renamed them to milestones for now. Things would progress faster if more folks used git, but I'll take whatever I can get! Remember to consider the rules as alpha quality for the time being, until I finally transcribe everything. Take a look at the Roadmap for more.

I still need to fill in the rest of the ArchetypeLevels table. And to make Fenris Punk rules complete, I should also define more common terms that non-ttrpg players might not know, that experienced players take for granted.