Fenris Punk | Implementation notes

1 Update notes

This originally started as an ongoing notes and commentary before it became a blog post.

2 General Notes

2.1 Cyberpunk Tropes

Some of these exist beyond cyberpunk universes.

The Connexion
Usually an interface between biology and machines.
The Event
SF (iirc) actually calls it the event. SR has a series, but calls the first one the Awakening. Dark Angel (cyberpunk, albeit not an rpg universe) has the Pulse.
The Penalty
The penalty for doing or having too much foo. In Alternity they call it Cykosis. In SR they call it Essense Loss. In Star Wars they call it Dark Side Points.

3 Jargon

This attempts to not reuse words that have strong meaning OOU to confusingly apply to something IU.

Becomes Archetypes.
Becomes Beings. Note, PF2 tries to use the word "Ancestry".

4 D&D5e

5 SR 4

5.1 Essence