Fenris Punk | Criticism of TTRPGs

1 Update notes

This originally started as an ongoing notes file before it became a blog post.

2 General Critique

Ability scores do not always match or easily convert or encode real-world measurements. E.g. using IQ or physical feats such as 5k run times.

3 D&D 5

3.1 Armour

Why no common helmets? OOU, they represent the only type of armour most folks continue to use. Or, maybe I will just treat IU d&d5 chacters as completely unskilled at using helmets.
Leather armour, particular with studs, is probably without any OOU basis. I stand corrected regarding leather with the [Brigandine]1, though studs by themselves without also having metal plates seems like wearing a nail. Also I still feel that gambesons get undervalued IU.

3.2 Bias

The term [Halfling]2 already seems racist OOU and just feels like a copy of EU hobbits, without the name. Though apparently some use it to mean a person of mixed heritage, which also seems racist.
Having a "standard" and "variant" human seems like an oversimplification of diversity, OOU.
Languages Common
Having "Common" as a language means that either there's a bias to humans as the default or that humans have no language.

3.2.1 Orcs

3.3 Combat

Combat Reactions
These initialize with the first round and reinit with subsequent turns 34. It would be fairer to all players, though harder to track, if in the turn to make it init on the turn and to reinite one round later at the turn they used it previously. Or it would be simplier to just make both the init and reinit happen at the top of the round.
Combat Surprise
If someone counts as surprised and rounds take up 6 seconds of time, it makes no sense that they would simply not move or perform actions. They should at least continue with their business. Or the surprise round takes up less time than 6 seconds.

3.4 Numbers, General

Metric System
D&D uses USC instead of SI.
As of 2019-03-01, the value of gold at 1315.19 US$/troy-oz significantly overshadows platinum at 872.89 US$/troy-oz, where the IU statically places platinum above gold. I think IU should have some kind of system build in to mind the OOU market value fluctuations.

4 PF 2

If humans really have the most diverse group, then why do the elf-folk have four ancestries and the human-folk only have two?
The Pathfinder Second Edition rules make AC from shields something that requires active management. It turns the shield into portable cover with its own HP. But in what state does someone carry a tower shield where it does not provide any sort of cover when surrounded on all eight sides?

5 SF

Material Hardness
It seems unclear whether or not the game developers used an existing OOU hardness scale. Perhaps Rockwell C since it matches for one point in the grand range of steel, listed as 20.

6 SR

The Matrix
If SR copied so much from Neuromancer, including the idea of the matrix, how does SR have the trademark and how did the movies get to use the names?

6.1 4th edition

6.2 Sprites

Instead of just using the huge AI spectrum, for some reason SR has another term for these.

Sprite Powers
Most of these powers enable the Technomancer abilities that any contemporary hacker or cracker could do today, albeit without the discipline of learning it the conventional manner.

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