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1 Origin

Once upon a time, a group of friends all wanted to play a table-top role playing game, but could not decide on the rules. So for a while we tried playing existing games. The first game was too hot, the next was too cold. Then we made things up as we went along. Then we decided to formally craft our own game. That one was just right.

2 Blog

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3 Roadmap

Throughout the site, if a header has a TODO tag, it usually means that remains a WIP.

For now the different part of the game will use different sets of milestones, unless they directly relate to each other. The core rules will follow numeric milestones. The artwork and game tools will follow alphabetical milestones.

3.1 Milestone 1 - Beta Release

The list for the Beta will likely change over time. Interested folks can refer to the git log in the repo.

3.2 Milestone 2 - Expanded content

3.3 Milestone A - Map renderer tool

4 Credits

4.1 Contributing Artists

4.2 Additional art

4.3 Acknowledgements

4.4 Source

Distributed under the CC BY-SA 4.0.

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