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1 Acquisition

Many factors affect how someone gets a particular item. Most tech uses Scarcity to express how often someone might find it online or in a shop somewhere along the Ring of Fire. Some buying clubs or vendors have exclusive items that, although normally rare, they might have a large stock.

Other things such as legal restrictions, production costs, hazardous materials, seller location, gifts, or lost-and-found can also play a role in acquisition.

2 TODO Deliveries

Drones delivery most packages.

Instead of an Attempt, which often gives away to the player what they need to roll, use the following formula to determine the threshold, and then shift it to somewhere else. So for example, a completely unregulated, common item shipped from the same city/area will have a threshold of 10. The player must beat that number. Shift that to 41 through 50 and make the player roll for it. They must roll a number outside that range. If they failed, reroll again later.

If this is a combat delivery and they ordered it during combat, the player needs to roll an Attempt. If they succeed, they should get their item delivered to them or nearby on the next turn. If they fail a combat delivery, reroll again next turn. Delivery rolls, aside from Attempts for the order, do not count toward a player's actions or movement.

      Threshold = 10 \
                * Scarcity \
                * Distance \
                * LegalRestrictions \
                * Attempt multiplier

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