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1 Work in progress note

While the sitemap does contain a list of all documents, please use the following to avoid spoilers or older game data.

2 Quotations

Unless otherwise attributed, the quotations throughout the rules came from Fenris Co-op's bulletin board. But most of them appear all over the net.

3 Core Rules

4 Role playing vs Roll playing

Players often either act in in the role of their character or they roll dice to determine how their character performs or sometimes both. Combat typically uses rolling Attempts to determine success or failure and then another die to determine the significance of the effect (such as damage or healing).

4.1 Attempts

The primary rules use dice to randomly determine success or failure of an Attempt. Most systems use either a twenty-sided die (d20) or a six-sided die (d6). Some systems use more than one.

Fenris Punk uses a d20 to Attempt to do something and then add any related modifiers. Often, rolling a 1 or a 20 causes an exception to the normal rules. Usually rolling a 1 causes a CritialPenalty and rolling a 20 is a critial success.

4.1.1 Alternate Attempt rules

Most of the rules assume a d20, but players can use a different Attempt dice. Please note that changing it will have drastic dialation effects. The CritialPenalty should always remain fixed, when lower means worse, as the MIN value.

5 Health and Damage

Fenris Punk uses Health, commonly known as HP, as an abstraction for how hurt from damage, such as pain or bruises, a person can become before other serious Conditions begin to affect the person, often leading to permanent injury or death. Instead of making up a game system, Fenris Punk will do its best to keep to medical terms for trauma and injuries.

When an actor reaches 0 health or when they receive a critical hit, they must take a Condition based on the DamageType they receive. The more specific the details become, the possibility of more dramatic but slower gameplay.

5.1 InjuriesProtoMatrix

List of Regions x List of Injuries
Head Cut
Leg Crushed
Chest Severed
Abdomen Punctured
Arm Rotten

6 Health Conditions

Use Conditions to add drama to tense game situations and ConditionLevels to add severity. The tables have the general cure or fix for each of them, but also remember that magic and some technologies can fix anything.